It has been a week since the Defense Department announced it was caving in to pressure from an American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit and kicking the Boy Scouts off military bases.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has been AWOL. Even Pentagon spokesmen have refused to talk about the outrageous decision live on my talk-radio show. They have referred inquiries to the Justice Department, which has not returned my phone calls.

In other words, the Defense Department is not only afraid of the ACLU, it is afraid of you, the American people. It is afraid of U.S. radio talk-show hosts. That does not bode well for defeating our determined enemies around the world.

In fact, capitulating to the ACLU – America’s version of the Taliban – is certain to give aid and comfort to our enemies around the globe.

The Defense Department won’t defend its decision. The Justice Department won’t explain this injustice.

What about the president? Where is President Bush on the appeasement of the ACLU by his Pentagon at the expense of the Boy Scouts? Will the nation hear from him?

We should, because the decision would appear to contradict the president’s own stated policies toward faith-based charities.

Remember when Bush told us he believed effective religious charities should not be blocked from receiving federal grants and support? If ever there was an effective charity that encouraged faith, it’s the Boy Scouts. But that is precisely the reason the group has been targeted by the ACLU and penalized by the Defense Department.

The Boy Scouts stand for everything we consider decent in America today. This is the kind of organization that represents the values the Pentagon is supposed to be defending. If not, what are we fighting for in Iraq and Afghanistan? If it is to preserve the ACLU and its perverted values, we might as well give up now. That’s not a cause the American people will get behind.

In fact, it’s time for Americans to recognize the ACLU for what it is – a determined enemy within, a fifth column adversary, an anti-American army of litigators, a band of narrow-minded secular fundamentalist extremists who must be fought as if our very lives depended upon victory.

The ACLU has ceased to be a source of amusement for me. The ACLU has ceased to be an organization of loyal opposition. The ACLU has ceased to play a constructive role of “devil’s advocate” in America. The ACLU is the enemy. It must be destroyed.

Instead, our government – at the local, state and federal level – supports the ACLU. It supports it through outright grants. It supports it through judicial awards. It supports it through the kind of accommodation we witnessed last week when the Pentagon waved the white flag before the ACLU degenerates in the matter of the Boy Scouts.

Nothing short of a grass-roots uprising by the American people is going to change this decision and future decisions that will rob you of your liberty – one court ruling at a time.

Next month, Whistleblower magazine, the monthly magazine published by WorldNetDaily, will devote all its coverage to an in-depth investigation of the ACLU. It will include a comprehensive report on the group’s funding sources. It is critical for Americans to know who provides the money for the ACLU’s evil work – it comes from wealthy individuals, it comes from wealthy foundations and it comes from powerful corporations.

Even though you think you have never sent a dime to the ACLU, you are mistaken. Your tax dollars are supporting the ACLU. Money you use to buy certain products and services is being sent to the ACLU. Money you invest in corporations and banks is supporting the ACLU.

It’s time to dry up the resources. But you can’t be a part of the solution without knowledge. I urge you to subscribe to Whistleblower magazine right now to be sure you are armed with this vital information. Once you have it, spread it far and wide.

We also need to force President Bush to explain the actions of his Cabinet in siding with the ACLU over the Boy Scouts. Like the war on terror, there is no middle ground in this war, President Bush. You’re either with the ACLU or you’re against it. You’re either with the Boy Scouts or you’re against them.

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