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700 lawyers ready to fight ACLU lawsuits

Is it illegal to sing Christmas carols in public school? Or to display a manger scene or even to say the words “Merry Christmas” in those halls of learning?

Many public school officials act as though such prohibitions were clearly laid on in the Constitution and defensively ban every vestige of “religious expression” out of fear of an expensive ACLU lawsuit.

But this year, help is on the way: An army of 700 lawyers is being deployed to protect America’s schools from the ACLU grinch.

In the past few weeks, the Alliance Defense Fund has contacted over 3,600 school districts nationwide, explaining the law and separating myth from fact regarding the celebration of Christmas in public schools. Moreover, as part of the group’s “Christmas Project,” more than 700 ADF and affiliated attorneys nationwide are available – at no cost to the school district – to combat any attempts to censor the celebration of Christmas in schools and on public property.

“The phrase ‘separation of church and state’ is not in the U.S. Constitution, but because of the fear, intimidation, and disinformation groups like the ACLU promote, many public officials and educational leaders mistakenly believe it is their duty to silence Christian religious expression,” said ADF President Alan Sears. “ADF’s goal this season is to inform and educate the 96 percent of Americans who celebrate Christmas regarding their rights.”

Last month, ADF delivered the same information on the law to every state board of education and National Education Association chapter in the country, as well as to the national NEA office and the U.S. Department of Education.

The goal of ADF’s Christmas Project is to clear up misconceptions about seasonal religious expression on public property. According to the public-interest law firm:

“We want to dispel the myths about religious expression at Christmastime that have prompted wrongful acts of government censorship of religious speech,” Sears said. “It’s OK to say ‘Merry Christmas!'”

School Districts or public entities being sued over their Christmas displays or expression can contact the Alliance Defense Fund through its website or by calling 1-877-TELL-ADF.

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