Michael Moore’s Bush-bashing film “Fahrenheit 9/11” may have sizzled at the box office with more than $200 million worldwide, but the controversial film director has been named the “coldest” star in Hollywood.

Moore ranks No. 1 on this year’s “Frigid 50” list of lackluster celebrities published by the online movie magazine FilmThreat.com.

“Hollywood runs on hot air fueled by publicists and the mainstream media,” says the site, “which is why we’re as miffed as you are that those ‘power’ and ‘hot’ lists published in Entertainment Weekly and Premiere are taken so seriously. No one cares about those lists except for the people on them.”

In that vein, FilmThreat points out Moore’s push to oust President Bush from office may have actually helped him win re-election.

“Look on the bright side,” it states, “no presidential candidate endorsed by Michael Moore has ever won an election. So, Michael, why not endorse a Republican in 2008, just to see what happens? You never know, it might work!”

Ironically, Bush himself is ranked on the “Frigid 50,” coming in at No. 43.

The magazine says, “His presidency may have seen the loss of millions of jobs, but in the film business there was plenty of work to be found on a seemingly endless number of documentaries that skewered the White House resident and his right wing allies in savage full-frontal attacks. Never in U.S. history has a sitting president inspired so much angry film production.”

Just behind the president at No. 44 is actor-director Mel Gibson.

“The old Road Warrior confounded nasayers, liberals and the Hollywood establishment by turning ‘The Passion of the Christ’ into a box office extravaganza,” FilmThreat says. “So how did Gibson follow up the movie event of the year? With back-to-back embarrassments: a tepid revenge thriller that no one wanted to see (‘Paparazzi’) and creating a laugh-free comedy TV show which brought the low-expectations ABC to new depths (‘Complete Savages’). Perhaps Gibson was too busy counting his ‘Passion’ profits to realize his encores were dying on the vine.”

The politically outspoken actor Alec Baldwin ranks No. 33 on the list.

“As his star power wanes and his waistline expands, we’re simultaneously seeing less and more of him,” the site points out. “The one-time A-list star seems stuck doing obnoxious small parts in horrible films,” including “Pearl Harbor,” “The Cat in the Hat” and “Along Came Polly.”

It suggests Baldwin can improve his career by finding “a better agent and a girdle.”

Other names on this year’s roster include actress Halle Berry, Disney chief Michael Eisner, model Paris Hilton, actor Ben Affleck and director Spike Lee.

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