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3 great choices

It is Christmas time – the season of celebrating Christ’s birth and also of gift giving. The best gifts are books, and over at HughHewitt.com, I have assembled a long list of links to other blogs that recommend the best in modern novels – novels that deserve to be read and reread. I have also listed my own favorites from the non-fiction shelves.

I want to underscore the “big three,” though – new books which you will certainly enjoy.

The first is by Elizabeth Kauffman Bush, and is titled, “The First Frogman.” It is the story of Draper Kauffman, the incredible man who went from Nazi POW to underwater demolition guru, who fought across the Pacific with teams he organized to clear paths under the water to the beaches of such places as Iwo Jima and Okinawa. In his later years, Kauffman was a revered figure in the Navy, and superintendent of the Naval Academy. Many credit him with the founding of the SEALs. If you like military history, you’ll love this book.

Second is James Webb’s new “Born Fighting.” It is also history, but with a huge message for today and the war in which we find ourselves. It is the story of the Scots-Irish, and it begins in the distant mists of time and works it way through William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, Ulster Plantation and into the settlements of the wilds of North America. Read it to understand how this country became what it is and what it needs to continue to survive. Webb never disappoints, and this is a keeper.

As is James Lileks’ “Interior Desecrations.” Here is a very funny look-back at the disastrous interior design of the ’70s, an era that must never be allowed to reappear. Lileks is always laugh-out-loud funny, and with material like this, your Christmas Day will be spent chuckling with friends and family as you blurt out: “There’s my bedroom!”

Three great choices among the millions. Happy shopping.