Dear Republican Electors:

On Dec. 13, when you cast your historic electoral ballot for president of the United States of America, please help save our imperiled freedom by switching your vote from DUH-Be-Ya to John Forbes Kerry.

Certainly this is an unprecedented request, but please hear me out.

While USA leaders and the American media can point condescendingly to so-called “election fraud” occurring in Ukraine – actually a CIA-sponsored covert destabilization operation with Yushie, the facially challenged “opposition candidate,” magically married to a U.S. citizen who “coincidentally” also happens to be a present or former State Department employee – there’s an apparent conspiracy of silence about current election fraud in our own country – here, now, again! – during our latest presidential election.

Yes, there really does seem to be a “mainstream media lockdown” on covering the story of this century. Certainly it’s such a convenient posture for the Bush-Wah administration to point overseas and declare “the whole world is watching.”

Ha! As “Joe the Activist” from Colorado alerted me via e-mail:

If 19 [electors] change their vote [to] Kerry, or 23 of them change their vote [to] Kerry or someone else, BUSH WILL NOT GET THE 271 ELECTORAL VOTES NEEDED TO WIN! It’s an extreme longshot, but it MAY BE POSSIBLE TO TOUCH THE CONSCIENCE OF 19 OR 23 REPUBLICAN ELECTORS OUT OF 282!

I know Republicans have consciences, too.

“Joe the Activist” continues:

Mark Crispin Miller, who wrote “The Bush Dyslexicon,” [says] there will be a revolt in the Republican Party if Bush is re-elected. What I heard from the field was [despite] a number of Republicans switching their vote to Kerry, still Bush “won” the election. If 10 percent of these electors [have] a like mind, there’s at least a … chance. If the story gets “legs,” it might at least cause a ripple in the Republican Party.

You can’t tell me eight or more officials resigning, essentially en masse, from the Bush-Wah Cabinet is the normal and natural state of affairs launching a second-term presidency.

Why – if it’s such a winning team – are they leaving?

Were they pushed off the cliff for disagreements with the putative prez? Or sickened by this administration’s total lack of principle at home and abroad?

Hey, don’t give me this cliched crapola about needing “new blood” to revitalize a successful administration.

Take Tommy Thompson, outgoing Heath and Human Services honcho. If his parting shot doesn’t define passive-aggressive, I don’t know what does. Announcing his forthcoming exit, the Associated Press quoted him saying he “worries ‘every single night’ about a possible terror attack on the food supply.”

Why doesn’t he just pin a bulls-eye or a “Hit Me” sign on a map of America?

Tommy Thompson’s revenge triggered the following outrage from an attorney in Manhattan who also went to Yale like the putative prez:

Can you believe the idiocy? Just in case no one has thought of it, let’s alert the terrorists.

I mean, we all know it’s part of the Bush administration’s use of the trickle-down theory: start stupid at the top and let it work its way through the lower levels, until well-permeated, then send folks at the bottom out to sabotage those efforts made by the intelligent members of society to lead the country down a more prudent path. (Wait … that sounds familiar. Oh, yeah: It’s a lot like what they did in Nazi Germany, burning the books and persecuting the intellectuals.)

The truth is, concerning Thompson’s statement: It sounds as though he’s trying to make a public issue of something he’s likely brought up (to no avail) in Cabinet meetings … an issue clearly ignored or shoved under the carpet, since it would require funds NOW needed to support the troops in Iraq and to help establish democracy the world over, etc., etc. And that would again highlight the lack of planning or taking into account consequences in deciding to invade a country that wasn’t bothering us.

You have someone leading the country who, in every business he’s [run], has brought the thing to ruin. How can you expect him not to do the same thing here? Bush … knows nothing of diplomacy or forethought … and he’s the role model for those he appoints. And THEY are abandoning him for more lucrative opportunities.

Electors, admittedly this man “could have respected GWB if he’d ever had the humility and intelligence to acknowledge the many – many – mistakes he’s made …”

Thank you for reconsidering your ballot.

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