I must second Joseph Farah’s call for the death of the American Civil Liberties Union. When I was a guest on WorldNetDaily Radioactive the other day, I declared, “We must counter the ACLU.” Mr. Farah quickly corrected my understatement: “We must destroy the ACLU!”

That, of course, is no easy task. Saving a nation from annihilation never is easy. But I think we have been lacking in strategy when it comes to destroying the ACLU and securing the future of our legal system and culture. We have supposed, as I understated, that we need only “counter the ACLU.” All along, we’ve consistently lost to the ACLU because we’ve only intended to counter them.

Now, it is time to alter the course of our minds regarding the ACLU. It is time to consider that organization as complete a threat to the future of the United States as al-Qaida. While al-Qaida uses physical force to destroy American buildings, the ACLU uses legal force to tear down American institutions. Whether against the Boy Scouts, Christmas, life, marriage, or the Pledge of Allegiance, the ACLU is at war on ordered liberty.

Neo-Nazis, Klansmen, and militant homosexual organizations have been among the odd clients of the ACLU. Despite a legal system replete with powerhouse lawyers from estate planning to the environment, divorce law to criminal law, the ACLU has effectively become the single most powerful force in the American judiciary. In the over 5,000 cases that it argues annually, the ACLU claims the mantle of patriotic freedom-loving Americans.

But Walter Lippmann once observed that the ACLU only stood for civil liberties when “it is a convenience for communists, anarchists, socialists, and labor organizers.” Communist Party General Secretary Earl Browder called the early ACLU an important ally of communism.

Over the years, the ACLU has broken ties with open communism, but it has not ever abandoned what is essentially a communist agenda. Today, it operates as America’s most ardent force for absolute social equality.

So the task that we are faced with at this crucial moment is the restoration of principled equality and ordered liberty. In fighting against the ACLU and its pet spirit of judicial despotism, we are the inheritors of the Founding Fathers and the generation that first hated the Dred Scott decision. And on our capacity to defeat the ACLU depends the future of the United States.

I believe that we must pursue a well-organized, well-funded, and well-informed strategy to defeat the ACLU. We must fight this battle primarily on the legal, educational, and media fronts.

First, this battle is legal. The host of conservative legal groups that have sprung up to take on the ACLU is vast. There’s the American Center for Law and Justice, the American Civil Rights Union, Alliance Defense Fund, Rutherford Institute, Thomas More Law Center, United States Justice Foundation, Pacific Legal Foundation, Home School Legal Defense Fund, Mountain States Legal Foundation, Landmark Legal Foundation, and so on. These groups are doing good work, but they must join forces.

There is a very practical argument for union that was at the root of both the American founding and the Union cause of the Civil War – there is strength in union. A united conservative legal front would enable a central funding mechanism, a recognizable name that a widespread number of Americans could join under and support, and a clearinghouse for the best strategies and legal talents possible.

Second, institutions of education must work to restore a constitutional legal culture. Christian and conservative colleges must open and sustain law schools with a focus on constitutional law. Though these colleges are certainly a small minority, they are growing at a faster rate than any other kind of higher education institution. Now is the time to build anti-ACLU law schools. Furthermore, conservative legal scholars must find employment in major law schools. They must seek to reverse the spirit of judicial activism that prevails within the legal elite.

Finally, we must tap the power of new media to defeat the designs of the ACLU. The combined force of talk radio, the Internet, conservative print publications, and a revolutionized television media consisting of FOX News and Christian programming must be mobilized against the ACLU. Ideas have consequences, said Richard Weaver. We would be fools to underestimate the power of the media for communicating ideas, and for ultimately destroying the ACLU. Public opinion must be swayed against the ACLU so that its demise may be imminent.

This must be our strategy: to organize legally, to educate, and to persuade. It is time to stop the ACLU and to renew the principles of law and order.

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