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Anti-terror experts say highly motivated jihadists around the world are making plans for terrorist attacks during the Christmas season, report Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin, the premium, online intelligence weekly newsletter published by WND.

Radical militants operating in the West are known to have conducted clandestine meetings debating their preferred actions and aggression opportunities when hundreds of millions of Christians celebrate Christmas, the sources say.

A pre-Christmas internal review conducted by Israel’s General Security Service, known as Shabak, based on a variety of terror activity scenarios, focused on terrorist dangers during the two weeks before and after Christmas 2004 and the New Year.

Conclusions based on a thorough analysis of direct intelligence from other sources show most countries are at the last stages of security preparations and implementation of preventive measures against terror attacks on tourism, transportation hubs and symbolic religious, national and international targets. In the majority of countries with a relatively small Christian population, security agencies have raised the level of preparedness to protect these communities including a security network around churches on Christmas.

One critical evaluation discussed by the Shabak was received from a German source summarizing the reasons for special Christmas and New Year readiness:

  • Jihadis want to conclude the year with a major terror event, thus taking their war against the infidels to new heights.
  • So-called crusader activities in several Muslim locations continues to grow, including Iraq, the Persian Gulf, Horn of Africa, Afghanistan and Russia’s Far East.
  • Countries such as France, Holland, Germany, Australia and others have, according to jihadi groups, applied unacceptable laws and regulations targeted against their communities. A French law prohibiting girls from wearing head scarves in public schools, a traditional Muslim code for women, is one such example.
  • Agencies have carried out during 2004 a number of successful operations against jihadi and pro-jihadi organizations, a situation which merits retaliatory actions.
  • Logistical evaluations on terrorist groups and organizations indicate most cells were neither destroyed nor forced to disband by counter-terror activities. Most of their full-fledged ring leaders and volunteers have not been fully identified and therefore remain free.
  • Terrorist icons and ideologists, such as Osama Bin Laden, continue to fool the west.
  • A Christmas or New Year attack will be a morale boost for the terrorists and a morale shock to the targeted society.
  • Large numbers of travelers crossing borders with all modes of transportation enable terrorists to move from country to country in and outside of Europe with relative ease.
  • The Christmas season provides a variety of prime targets.

A reliable Israeli source told G2B that Hezbollah is one organization considering an operation before the end of 2004.

Hezbollah terrorists are studying the options of terror attacks in Israel, Europe and the U.S. Such widespread, and possibly simultaneous, activities might involve 10 to 20 percent of Hezbollah dormant cells. The decision to activate a cell must consider the possibility that when a terror event has occurred a very wide counter-terror net is thrown around possibly trapping other, as yet non-activated, members.

During 2004 Hezbollah was active in the recruitment of non-domestic volunteers such as Israeli Arabs, Muslim zealots in the west and in North and South America. This information is based on the following facts:

  • Signs of increased contacts between Hezbollah-Lebanon and the Shiite Lebanese Diaspora.
  • Increased numbers of foreign trainees in Lebanon Hezbollah bases.
  • Underwater demolition, maritime and air activity expert volunteers returning to Lebanon from Iran.

This information on Hezbollah is in essence similar to intelligence collected in the Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan and India. One of the best examples comes from Indonesia where both government and foreign agencies are sounding the alarm concerning terror plans to hit Australian and American targets.

A slight increase in overall terror activity during 2004, both operational and logistical, with the possibility of terror hits anticipated in the U.S., are known to be in the making. Jihadi groups regard the U.S. more than ever before, as a legitimate target for her role and own admission, as leader of the world war on terrorism.

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