A Boy Scout troop that routinely sells popcorn prior to the holidays is taking its fund-raiser to the enemy this year as it hawks the treat today in front of the Virginia headquarters of the American Civil Liberties Union.

According to Tom McKenna, chairman of Troop 828’s executive committee, the boys will stake out a spot outside the ACLU office in downtown Richmond, Va., from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern time. The troop is chartered by St. Joseph’s parish in Richmond.


“This is just our little (five boys) troop’s way to make our opposition known,” McKenna told WND.

As WorldNetDaily reported, the most recent success by the ACLU against the Boy Scouts occurred when the Pentagon agreed to warn its bases not to sponsor Boy Scout troops as part of the settlement of a 5-year-old lawsuit brought by the legal group. The ACLU charged the government with improperly supporting a group requiring members to believe in God, complaining that Boy Scouts of America “requires troop and pack leaders, in this case government employees, to compel youth to swear an oath of duty to God.”

The Boy Scouts aren’t the only ones to gather at an ACLU office in protest. As WND reported, last week a group of demonstrators with Public Advocate of the United States sang Christmas carols in front of the Washington, D.C., office of ACLU to protest the organization’s attempts to take religious references, including Christmas references, out of the public square.

Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio mentioned the Boy Scouts at the group’s protest.

“It is exciting to see all these people singing Christmas carols, including the ACLU staff members that have joined us today,” he said. “Regardless of our differences, we are all proud to be Americans this Christmas, and may God bless those that are currently in harm’s way to bravely protect our freedoms. We must remember that the Boy Scout troops in danger of being kicked-off these military bases are made up of the sons of those brave soldiers, sailors and marines.”

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