Canada is receiving its first influx of Americans fleeing the United States because they are distraught with the re-election of President Bush.

Americans are crossing the Washington state border to make a new life in Bush-free Canada.

Immigration Canada, the government agency, has approved the first visas and families such as the Kilbournes of Seattle now are searching for a home in British Columbia, reports the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

“It’s a little scary because we’ve lived in the same place and had the same jobs for well over a decade,” said Becky Kilbourne, a state prosecutor in Seattle who confesses to mixed feelings about leaving her old life behind.

“I am very anxious to have the kids settled with new friends and in decent schools,” she said, according to the CBC.

The family applied more than a year ago and planned to cancel their application if the Democrats won, said father Tresey Kilbourne.

“With the Republicans in full control of everything, there hasn’t been anything that has caused us to think that we weren’t doing anything other than the smart thing a year ago,” he told the CBC.

Dozens more “Bush refugees” are expected once their applications are processed, said the Vancouver law firm the Kilbournes first contacted.

As WorldNetDaily reported, Americans have flocked in record numbers to the Canadian government’s immigration website, which showed a six-fold increase in traffic the day after the Nov. 2 election.

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