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When Saddam Hussein fell from power, the world of prostitution collapsed in Iraq.

Escaping war and the rise of Islamic moralism, thousands of Iraqi prostitutes packed their bags and fled to Syria.

But now, Syrian prostitutes, accusing the Iraqi women of taking their jobs, are launching a counteroffensive against this “invasion,” according to a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin, the premium, online, weekly, intelligence newsletter published by WND.

The Syrian women, and their pimps, accuse the Iraqi women of spreading AIDS.

A rumor circulating Damascus claims several policemen have contracted AIDS from Iraqi whores. The word on the street is that the Syrian regime is so upset about the situation, it has to jail and deport every Iraqi convicted of prostitution.

That may not be entirely true, but President Bashar Assad has instructed the Syrian police and security services to investigate the accusations Iraqi prostitutes are infecting troops and police with AIDS.

An estimated 30,000 prostitutes were working in Iraq until the 2003 war. Many of them moved to Damascus and set up shop in night clubs, low income residential and military communities.

Among the prostitutes are also women from North Africa, Lebanon and Chechnya. The investigation into this unusual by-product of the war in Iraq, began as the president, himself an M.D., received alarming reports of growing AIDS cases among the military and the police. In one case a brigadier general in the Syrian air force, who reported to a hospital with unspecified complaints, was identified as infected with AIDS, and with at least one more venereal disease.

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