President Bush will be inaugurated today for a second term, pledging one of his highest priorities will be the creation of a new guest-worker program with no provisions for securing the border that brought them here.

Americans will grow weary of these foreign wars designed to defeat the threat of Islamic terrorism when they know the border is wide open and inviting those same enemies into our own country.

Americans are not stupid.

They know their will is being subverted by politicians in Washington.

They know the laws governing immigration are not being enforced.

They know this is a nation supposedly government by the rule of law and the will of the people.

They also know that when you are fighting a battle or a war, the very first thing you do is secure the perimeter. Failing that, you risk losing your “secure area.”

President Bush’s open-border policy is an invitation to disaster.

How many times do we have to say it?

In this war against Islamic terrorism we face a near-invisible enemy whose forte is exploiting weaknesses. You can’t find a more exploitable weakness than 2,000 miles of unguarded borders.

Close the border, Mr. President. Shut it down. Do whatever it takes, no matter the cost.

Want to stimulate the economy in this country? Bring 100,000 troops home from Europe where they are doing little but stimulating the European economy and put them to work at the border while we build a 2,000-mile security fence.

Don’t tell us it’s impractical. It’s a matter of life and death.

Secure borders and fences have been built throughout history by nations far less affluent than our own.

No more excuses.

Either we are at war or we are not.

If we are at war, we must secure the perimeter. If we are not, bring the troops home now.

I would prefer to see us win this war. But we cannot win it exclusively on offense. We need to defend the homeland. That doesn’t mean bigger databases and more checkpoints at home. It means keep the enemy out.

I don’t care about the need for cheap labor in this country. It is irrelevant. I don’t care if Americans are forced to pay higher prices as a result. It’s a small price to pay for freedom and security.

But if President Bush is so determined to provide cheap labor to employers in this country there is a way he can do it while securing the borders.

It would simply mean the creation of a national employment office in Mexico. U.S. employers would list the jobs they seek to fill and the qualifications necessary to fill them. Mexicans seeking employment would apply to fill the slots. The plan would call for specific timed contracts, which could be extended later if needed as long as the documentation was completed before the first contract expired. Under this plan, the economic needs of the U.S. would be met, and the imported workers would be able to earn their U.S. paychecks above board. In addition, they would have a paper trail, legal documentation with a fixed termination time limit.

But this won’t happen. Such a proposal will never be made. Why?

Because the open borders are about more than cheap labor.

They are about international agreements. They are about breaking down national sovereignty. They are about globalism rather than nationalism.

If it’s about cheap labor, it would be easy enough to secure it while maintaining our national security and sovereignty. But Mexico would never be happy simply exporting honest people who want to do an honest day’s work. Mexico wants to export criminals. Mexico wants to export revolutionaries. Mexico wants to export terrorists. Mexico wants to export drug dealers and arms merchants. Mexico wants to export all manner of undesirables – millions of them – to serve as a safety valve for its own corrupt system.

I’m not going to watch the Inauguration today. I can’t stand the thought of swearing in a president who is working against the safety and security of the American people. I don’t want to serve as a silent witness to the violation of the oath he will take today.

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