In the all too brief new legislative session, I’ve seen more bad behavior from congressional Democrats than in the previous two months combined. But the incredibly antagonistic attitudes that they have exhibited this week bring up some important realizations.

The main one being liberal Senate Democrats are racists acting with the cover of the national media.

To prove my point, try the shoe on the other foot for a moment.

Pretend the nightmare of an Al Gore administration had come to pass. Pretend also that he had decided to name Donna Brazile as his secretary of state. Pretend with me that Brazile had gone up to be confirmed and Republican senators began to harass her for any of the millions of silly things she had said in her public career. And imagine if Batty Uncle Arlen had slipped off his meds and said something along the lines of Brazile not having integrity on international relationships because she once said something naughty about “white boys.”

The headlines would scream it across the front pages of America the next morning: “GOP SENATOR PICKS ON AFRICAN AMERICAN NOMINEE!”

Now suppose that a couple of Republican senators decide to take matters into their own hands and even though the nominee had been voted out of committee and to the floor they wanted to spike the nomination for a while simply because “they hadn’t read the transcripts.”

Well I think you get the picture – and we both know what would happen.

The GOP would have a public-relations crisis on their hands the size of Batty Uncle Arlen’s ego.

Yet the reverse is happening consistently with malcontents who feign an existence as liberal United States senators and nary a word is printed. How come?

Am I the only one in the room who sees a small issue of prejudice in allowing the former Grand Kleagle of the Ku Klux Klan to allow such an obstruction in the path of getting on with the people’s business for 2005? And let’s be clear here: Donna Brazile ain’t no Condoleezza Rice. In fact, I doubt five or six Donna Braziles would be.

A senator who admits to having held a position where he hated people simply because of the color of their skin is bad enough. Allowing “Senator Mumbly” to go on network television and use the “N” word in recent years is even worse. But having him put the kibosh on the most qualified African American woman ever to be elevated to the position that she is seeking is horrible.

And it’s not just Byrd.

Sen. Edward Kennedy – you know him as “Martini” – has decided to pull the same stunt against Alberto Gonzales, the first Latino to ever be named to the post of attorney general. Come to think of it “Senator Beer Gut” also had nasty, pointed things to say about Miguel Estrada.

So Sen. Kennedy stalls on Hispanics, and Byrd is still trying to hide the white sheets from view, but won’t let a gifted African American take her place in history.

For all the discussion that the Democratic Party tries to put forward about diversity, they seem be quite intolerant of it.

What they actually desire are ideological clones that believe, walk, dress, sit, eat, drink (Kennedy) and in Byrd’s case spit up exactly like them. For “minorities” who choose not to, well, then they must all be put under spell of the evil witch-dwarf Barbara Boxer.

All this and they throw in Howard Dean for the party chairmanship for free!

And with the emergence of the blogosphere, one thing is certain: Even if the mainstream media chooses to look the other way on all of the bad behavior – bloggers won’t, nor Brit Hume, nor talk radio.

Eventually – like the sewer – all this stuff will back up on them. Racism is seen for what it is.

And where it’s practiced most in America today seems to be among elite, white, liberal, Democratic senators.

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