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Bill cracks down on firms hiring illegals

An Oklahoma state senator has introduced a bill to penalize employers that hire illegal aliens.

Democrat state Sen. Tom Adelson introduced S.B. 510, the Oklahoma Fair Employment Act, which would allow citizens and legal U.S. residents to take action against law-breaking employers.

The Federation of American Immigration Reform, or FAIR, says the bill is a response to the federal government’s refusal “to take action against employers who undercut opportunities and wages for American workers.”

FAIR points to a report by investment firm Bear Stearns that shows between 4 and 6 million U.S. jobs have shifted from the legal work force to the underground since 1990, “as employers have systematically replaced American workers with lower wage illegal aliens.”

“There is a mounting body of evidence that the vast majority of poor and middle class Americans are being directly and indirectly harmed by mass illegal immigration,” commented Dan Stein, president of FAIR. “These American workers and taxpayers have had almost no legal recourse to defend themselves against employers who blatantly violate federal immigration laws while depriving millions of Americans a fair opportunity to find work and improve their wages. The Oklahoma Fair Employment Act represents one of the most important labor protection programs since the establishment of the minimum wage and the adoption of occupational safety and health standards.

Adelson’s bill allows for:

“These protections for American workers and honest employers should be adopted nationally. We congratulate Sen. Adelson for acting in the best tradition of Oklahoma and offering them ‘sooner,'” Stein concluded.

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