By way of background, in 2002, prostitution was legalized in Germany. This was presumably to combat trafficking in women and cut links to organized crime. As right-thinking people might predict, this “solution” could lead to a continuing downward spiral of immoral behavior.

With unemployment in Germany now at 11.4 percent, the next step and solution bandied about is to threaten women with the loss of unemployment benefits if they turn down work as a prostitute.

That’s right. One possible ultimatum for women who find themselves out of work could be “take off your clothes and get in bed with these paying customers or lose your unemployment benefits.”

The “redeeming” goal of such an ultimatum would be to alleviate the drain of unemployment compensation on the government’s budget. Some argue this is a plausible and socially acceptable solution because “sex workers” and “erotic services” are legitimized by the government.

To which I can only say, “No wonder so many Americans want to be European. Europeans are so clearly advanced in their thinking and progressive on issues of sexuality.”

It does, however, beg at least one question: “Who is behind such advanced thought and brilliant problem-solving?”

Consider that last month we in the U.S. commemorated the women’s movement through the 32nd anniversary of Roe. v. Wade. Did you know that single men, aged 18-34, are among the strongest supporters of a woman’s right to choose? I have no doubt this is the exact same demographic that supports the legalization of prostitution in Germany and yes, are among the most common patrons of prostitution in America.

See any connection?

Guys, age 18-34, who are frequently lampooned for their inability to commit and lionized for the excessive exercise of their raging hormones, want women to be free to exercise their sexuality as well. Why? The obvious answer is to indulge men under the clever marketing ploy of unencumbered sexual freedom for women.

Let’s face it. From Madonna to Britney Spears and Cat Woman, the most popular women in America, and around the world, are still celebrated for how well they satiate the sexual fantasies of men.

But women like these have done more to set back the clock to the dark ages than any pro-life advocate. And they do it with the endorsement of NOW, NARAL, Hollywood and, naturally, Planned Parenthood.

If you are wondering about motive, the abortion industry makes billions of dollars off the exercise of abortion as a means of birth control. They feign the altruism that they want women to be free to experience sex without any unwanted repercussions. But such “freedom” would be largely unnecessary if women knew how badly they were being used.

Truth is girls, almost every guy wants to date a bad girl and marry a good one. What’s worse, I have never heard a woman wish, after she was married, she were more sexually permissive when she was dating – though I am sure some exist.

Ironically, when it comes to abortion and the celebration of our sexual freedom, there is a fear that goes way back. In short, men play on women’s need to have control of their bodies because for so long they did not.

The corollary is that we had more control over our bodies when it was more socially acceptable to say “no” to sex before marriage. That means there needs to be a massive re-education.

Both sexual promiscuity and abortion are sold deceptively and subliminally. If most women knew what sexual promiscuity and abortion cost them physically and emotionally, they would not do it. For example, the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology published an editorial noting that post-abortive women are six times more likely to commit suicide than women who give birth. More casual sex, anyone?

Why do you think after years of brazen exhibitionism, women like Madonna attempt to remake themselves as spirit-filled paragons of motherly virtue? I mean, is she kidding? Or do the women that bought her bill of goods 20 years ago now buy into her present image makeover?

Why let her and her prot?g?e brainwash our young women into the ways of sexual promiscuity? It is a dead end that subjects women to the control of men’s sexual lusts and nothing more. As long as we allow this brainwashing to continue, women exercise no more control over their bodies in America today than women 100 years ago or women forced to work (hypothetically, for now) in a German brothel to keep their employment benefits.

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