The “Butcher of Baghdad” is reportedly relying on the devil to pull him through his trial.

Canada Free Press reports the long-time follower of the occult studies tealeaves to divine the outcome of his crimes-against-humanity case, while adding a prominent international attorney nicknamed “the Devil’s Advocate” to his legal dream team.

Satan may not disappoint Saddam, according to his former comrade, Lt. Col. Ali Mazhar.

After defecting to Kuwait, Mazhar shared a “bizarre” photo with the Weekly World News that purportedly shows Saddam with a horned figure. Mazhar believes Saddam signed a “sinister pact” with the devil.

Saddam Hussein in U.S. custody

In connecting the dots of Hussein’s devil-worshipping past, Canada Free Press highlighted a hidden Swiss bank account Saddam kept for a decade named “Satan.” Britain’s Sunday Times reports that when Saddam discovered one of his relatives was skimming funds from the account, he had him beheaded.

The Free Republic reported Saddam was known to have worn a “magic” stone around his neck to protect him from assassination.

The bearded and disoriented Hussein was captured Dec. 14, 2003, uninjured, without a shot being fired, while hiding in an underground hideout on a farm outside his hometown of Tikrit. Photographs taken by the U.S.-led coalition don’t show him wearing any “magic” stone.

Saddam’s sons Qusay and Uday didn’t fare as well as their father and were killed July 22, 2003 in a four-hour gunbattle with U.S. troops in a hideout in the northern city of Mosul.

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