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God's hands in tsunami relief

Two Liberty University missions teams have returned home after ministering to and providing aid to thousands of families who experienced the ravages of the Dec. 26 tsunami that killed as many as 178,000 people.

The Liberty University Center for Global Ministry will now send three teams (Tsunami East Team, Tsunami West Team and Tsunami South Team) to the region during the university’s spring break, March 10-21. In all, 104 students are scheduled to reach out to this distraught area of the world.

Relief projects will include rebuilding schools, constructing/repairing houses, restoring livable conditions in the area, installing water systems or purification systems, distributing fresh water, food supplies and clothing.

2 teams return home

The tsunami that wiped out coastal regions of 11 countries on the Indian Ocean left millions of others in desperate need of aid. Liberty University, as has been the case since its inception in 1971, was able to send students and leaders to answer the call for help.

One team, led by Dr. Jerry Spencer, Liberty University’s director of international crusades, provided relief on the coast of Kerala State. This area was chosen over areas of greater devastation primarily because team members had the opportunity to plant a church in the region, which guarantees a long-term impact there.

Dr. Spencer said there were 40,000 people in this affected area, which allowed the group to make a noticeable difference. In addition, the group was able to work with a dedicated group of Indian Christians, even though there is presently no Christian church in the predominantly Hindu district.

The group distributed 10 kilograms of rice, one kilogram of potatoes and one kilogram of onions to each family, and also provided fishing nets to area fishermen and funds to purchase bicycles for area evangelists.

In addition to Dr. Spencer’s team, a 22-member team of students and university missions leaders ministered in Rajasthan.

This group split into two teams, with the first team ministering primarily in area orphanages where more than 4,000 orphans live. The second team was in West Bengal, working with Christ Mission Ashram aiding local pastors in spreading the Gospel through the city of Calcutta. Students also worked on the Ganges River with Eternal Life Boat, a division of Christ Mission Ashram.

Dr. Spencer, who has been on 29 India missions trips now, and other Liberty officials are discussing future student endeavors in the nation. These groups will, in addition to food distribution, develop sports camps, English camps, vacation Bible schools and Bible-distribution programs that will assist the local Christians to further establish their ministries in the region.

I am always heartened to see Liberty on the cutting edge of ministry. Since Liberty’s founding, I have stipulated that world missions be the groundwork for the university. As a result, the university has sent thousands of students across the world to help their fellow man and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Many students sacrificially dedicate their summers or their holidays to minister to people in physical and spiritual need.

You can help us

It is easy for Christians to sit in our coziness and neglect to remember that the world is full of suffering and affliction. It is also easy to forget that many Christian brothers and sisters are suffering for their faith across the globe. We must never forget these facts.

I encourage readers to prayerfully consider supporting Liberty University’s ongoing outreach to India. Donations will help tsunami victims in many different ways, and you will be joining with our dynamic young students to share the Gospel with hurting souls.

To help in this endeavor, please visit our secure online donation page.

Special reminder:

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