Terri Schiavo wants to live. Terri’s parents want her to live. More than 100,000 signatures have been gathered on a petition from people who want Terri to live.

Who doesn’t want Terri to live?

The primary person desiring Terri’s state-sanctioned execution is her husband, Michael Schiavo. As hard as it may be to grasp, the adulterous wife-killer-to-be just might not have the clearest motives in the matter. And he is hoping that today the judges will finally withdraw all the temporary stays and allow his wife to be executed.

What a compassionate man he is!

After deciding that the “for better or worse” portions of his marital vows were optional, Michael has shown his ever pragmatic side. Following his wife’s tragic accident in which she was left in the state she now finds herself, all he could see was the $1.6 million he knew he must have.

Maybe this is why, according to the testimony of one of Terri’s primary care staff as stated in a court deposition in 2003, that Michael reportedly uttered the sentiment, “When is that bitch gonna die?”

Evidently not fast enough as Michael was already impregnating another woman – twice. And has since “fathered” her two children.

One would think that a simple no-fault divorce would have suited him. It’s clean, fast and he would never have to hear about Terri again. It would also allow Terri’s parents to regain custody of their daughter. Ah, but yes – we forgot about the little matter of the $1.6 million.

And, of course, you are aware aren’t you that it was only 3 months after the big whopper settlement of the $1.4 million portion of the settlement that Michael began to deny recommended treatment for Terri. And that was only months after she had been assessed as “improving” and been recommended for therapy.

Then again, therapy is expensive and that $1.6 million might pay for a whole lot of cruises to the Caribbean with his new hot thing. (Or in the untimely event of his current fling having an accident or being subjected to a doctor’s malpractice, he could take the money and find yet a third honey.)

Now there is also significant reason to examine the question of whether or not Michael tried to kill Terri on different occasions while she was under his “protective care” in the early stages of her struggle:

Terri’s family cites a Sept. 5, 1991, bone scan by Dr. W. Campbell Walker, M.D. It lists “compression fracture[s]” throughout Terri’s body and concludes: “The patient has a history of trauma.” They wonder if Terri suffered domestic violence.

Nonetheless isn’t there an amazing discovery at work here? Michael Schiavo began denying rehabilitation in 1993, yet she has survived another 12 years and she has uttered a limited vocabulary and continually attempts to express herself.

In the videos that have been posted throughout the Internet, she is also seen responding to the sound of her mother’s voice, her father’s touch, and utters seeming delight when her name is called. She has demonstrated that in the case that has been brought against her, where she has been given no options on rehabilitation, that she does desire to live.

She has attempted to regain some form of verbal expression and she has demonstrated knowledge of her parents when they are in the room with her. This last point was so much of an irritation to Michael Schiavo that he argued for the banning of all video cameras in the visitation of Terri. And the would-be wife-killer also attempted to keep Terri’s parents from having the right to visit her unattended.

Terri’s final hours could begin the long, painful road to a starved darkness today. If they do, it will be a horribly sad statement that Michael Schiavo would choose to execute his wife via the method of starvation and dehydration. For the record, these means of execution are considered too inhumane for the state of Florida to put down convicted killers with.

Terri Schiavo is making a choice to live every single day. Her determination to fight through the confusion, pain and discomfort should be seen for what it is every single day: a choice to live.

Barring repentance, it is my firm belief that Michael Schiavo will find the part of hell that burns the hottest upon his passing. Yet as detestable as he is, none of us wish that upon him prematurely.

Why can’t Terri be given the same courtesy and protection under law that the man who would like her dead is given?

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