This Sunday, Feb. 27, scores of churches around the nation will declare the day as “Ten Commandments Sunday.” This is being done to begin a cycle of national prayer regarding the important Ten Commandments case that will be heard at the U.S. Supreme Court on March 2.

My friend Mat Staver, founder and general counsel or the Orlando, Fla.-based Liberty Counsel, will stand before the justices to defend the Ten Commandments, making the case that our founders made them a foundation of American law. As such, the Commandments should be revered, not arbitrarily eradicated from the American public square as American secularists, atheists and so-called civil libertarians are working to do.

By declaring Feb. 27 as “Ten Commandments Sunday,” pastors around the country have an opportunity to teach their congregations about the importance of the biblical tenets, not just in our daily lives of faith but also as being foundational documents that defined this great nation.

Jay Sekulow, chief counsel at the American Center for Law & Justice, says the Commandments are an integral part of our nation’s chronicle.

“The Commandments have served as the basis for our legal system in this country and public displays of the Commandments do not violate the Constitution,” said Mr. Sekulow. “The Commandments are an integral part of our legal and cultural history.”

The problem is secularists are attempting to rewrite our nation’s history, concealing and ignoring the facts of our founding. As a result, Christian symbols such as the Ten Commandments are to be exterminated in the public square.

This reprehensible effort is being conducted under the cloak of “cultural diversity,” which categorically rejects biblical absolutes in favor of a hodgepodge of religious/social pabulum.

National prayer effort

It behooves the Church of Jesus Christ to earnestly get our knees to pray that the Ten Commandments are not eliminated from the American public square. I am calling on churches around the nation to participate in the Ten Commandments Sunday.

Liberty Counsel has established the “Defend the Ten” club. I encourage pastors to visit the site and utilize the information therein to urge their congregations to prayer for the Commandments. A colorful flyer and other pertinent information can be found at website to help pastors or church leaders explain the importance of this case.

In these final days before his critical appearance before the high court, Mat Staver is participating in four moot court sessions. During these intense practice sessions, attorneys drill him with the types of questions the justices will ask on March 2. Please join me in praying that God will direct his path as he works to protect the Ten Commandments.

And pastors, please take some time this Sunday, Feb. 27, to educate your congregations about this important case and the significance of the Ten Commandments on our culture and our system of law. Also, urge your parishioners to spend the next few days diligently praying for Mat Staver as he stands before the U.S. Supreme Court in defense of God’s Laws.

My health situation

As you no doubt know by seeing or reading a recent news report, I am in the Lynchburg General Hospital, recovering from a case of pneumonia. I became very ill last Sunday morning and left Thomas Road Baptist Church after our first worship service.

I am resting comfortably now and anxious to get home. My doctors tell me that I will be fine after a time of recovery and rest. I deeply appreciate the prayers of my friends from around the world as I convalesce from this temporary setback.

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