“I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging of the future, but by the past.”

– Patrick Henry

Recently, a well-meaning lady sent me her idea for holding Congress accountable and neutralizing the anti-American agenda of lame duck president George Bush Jr. Sandra had this to say:

GWB thinks he’s home free because he won’t have to face the voters again. But the members of Congress who act as his shill will have to face the voters in 2006 – all the House and one-third of the Senate.

Sandra’s heartfelt solution is to threaten Congress with “We’ll remember in November.” How many “We’ll remember in November’s” have we seen over the past decade-plus? Apparently no one remembers because once again, with the exception of a handful of new members, the American people just re-elected the same Congress that’s been in office for the past 11 years.

My response to Sandra’s suggestion didn’t sit well with her, but here it is: Do you reward the thief who breaks into your home and steals from you? Do you tell the traitor that if he or she is a good little Congress critter from now until November 2006, the people will put you back in office – despite your crimes against we the people?

With the exception of Ron Paul, who fully understands the U.S. Constitution and has consistently introduced legislation to roll back the agenda to destroy America, and Tom Tancredo who has been a one-man tornado fighting the massive invasion of illegals, every member of Congress is guilty of violating their oath of office and they all lie to the American people very day.

Congress and Mr. Bush continue to lie to the American people about the voluntary nature of the income tax. They know the income tax does not apply to domestic Americans. Instead of telling the American people the truth, we have yet another dog and pony show about “tax reform” being trotted out in front of desperate Americans looking for any relief from this oppressive, communist-based, progressive income tax. These elected politicians are stealing from you every day. Re-elect them?

Congress and Mr. Bush continue to lie to the American people about the voluntary nature of withholding. They know an employer cannot withhold without your permission, yet Congress has never seen fit to inform the nation’s employers of this giant legal fact. Congress and Mr. Bush continue to lie to the American people that no one is required to apply for a Social Security number to live or work in this country. Re-elect the same people who lie to you every day?

Congress continues to ignore the thievery which takes place every single day by the private consortium of domestic and international bankers called the “Federal” Reserve Banking System, which millions of Americans know isn’t part of the federal government. Congress as a body is too cowardly to take on the banking cartel, as Andy Jackson did with a ferocity you won’t see today in Washington, D.C. Re-elect them?

Congress continues to legislate in areas where they have no authority to go, yet every year thousands of new laws are passed through Congress and signed by presidents who thumb their noses at the U.S. Constitution. From foreign aid to the United Nations, getting out of destructive trade treaties like NAFTA and GATT, illegally raping the treasury to give money to the International Monetary Fund and World Bank; education to the environment, gun laws, child support and on and on and on – all are grossly unconstitutional. This current Congress just took a massive step toward cementing a Nazi-style police state with their national ID and driver’s license legislation. These people are selling us out every day and we should reward them with re-election in 2006?

How many times are the American people going to ask the same career politicians in Congress and their state legislatures to do the same thing over and over? How many letters are you going to write to Congress to stop their criminal activities, stop violating their oath of office, close the borders, expose the truth about the income tax and so forth … only to have that very same career member of Congress offer up nothing but excuses or half baked lies in form letters to constituents?

To continue voting these same people back in office is a form of insanity. The damage these people will do between now and November 2006 is going to bring great pain to our Republic. Throw them all out except for Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo. What is done by them can be undone once a majority of constitutionalists are elected. Throwing them all out will send a very clear message to the incoming members.

Operation Clean Sweep is the single most effective, cohesive effort this nation can make in removing corrupt, rotten public servants from office at all levels. Freedom is not a spectator sport. Freedom is everyone’s responsibility. Actions speak louder than words. “Take back America” cannot be done unless you remove the very people destroying her – that means your member of Congress as well as mine.

Slaves beg. Free men and women act.

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