Teenagers who want more than a good time and a week away from home during summer camp this year have a unique opportunity to build their leadership skills and get a taste of college life with Patrick Henry College’s Teen Leadership Camp.

PHC, a Christian college in Purcellville, Va., hosts the camps on its campus, giving students a flavor for the school and providing close proximity to the nation’s capital for field trips and visits to the halls of government.

Sponsoring its fifth year of summer camps, PHC expects around 700 youth age 14-18 from as far away as Hawaii to attend the program this year. Seven specific camps are offered at different times throughout the summer, some of which last one week and some two.

Though PHC was started in part to attract homeschoolers, Marybeth Clemmer,
executive director of the camp program and a full-time student at the college, says many non-homeschooled kids attend the summer sessions.

The camp program shares the vision of the college – to raise up leaders to “lead our nation and shape our culture” – teaching students to apply a biblical worldview to whatever field of study they might pursue.

“Campers interact with PHC students serving as camp staff, sleep in dorms, eat in the dining hall and attend chapel,” states the program’s website.

This year, camp sessions are being offered in the following subject matters:

  • Strategic Intelligence, where students will assume a new identity, conduct assigned missions and hear from intelligence professionals about the field;

  • Journalism, where campers will produce competing newspapers and meet with Christian journalists at work in Washington, D.C.’

  • Constitutional Law and Moot Court, a two-week session during which students will cover an entire semester of high-school constitutional law and train with members of PHC’s award-winning moot court team;

  • Generation Joshua, a week session focusing on the rough-and-tumble world politics but from a Christian worldview. Students will hear from political consultants and elected officials. This camp is sponsored by the Home School Legal Defense Association;

  • Also offered will be a two-week session on debate, a one-week camp covering the classics of Western civilization, and a one-week drama camp.

Clemmer emphasized the schedule for each camp is balanced between classroom work and time for recreation. Each includes a morning and afternoon session focusing on the subject at hand, which often includes trips to Washington for tours and meetings.

Hands-on projects also are emphasized so students get a good grasp of what professionals in the various fields do.

“The camps provide students the opportunity to hear from people who have been working in the fields of study,” Clemmer told WND, emphasizing that the sessions give teens a chance for concentrated study in a field they may not have access to otherwise.

Registration for this summer’s camps now are being accepted at PHC’s website.

Patrick Henry College offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in Classic Liberal Arts, History, Literature, Government and Journalism. Though it has been in existence for just five years, PHC produces graduates who are in high demand for positions in Washington, D.C. – both in and out of government.

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