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Of all the problems America faces today – terrorism, crime, illegal immigration, out-of-control government and more – no problem is as serious, or as misunderstood, as the nation’s disastrously high rate of divorce and family breakdown.

The March edition of WND’s acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine – titled “DIVORCE WARS: What’s really behind America’s epidemic of family breakdown?” – is devoted, cover-to-cover, to a stunning journalistic exploration of marriage and divorce.

Whereas 40 years ago divorce was rare and families essentially remained intact, today divorce is almost expected, with one out of every two marriages disintegrating before our eyes. For Christians, the numbers are no better.

In this issue, Whistleblower delves into the world of divorce and shows with clarity and compassion exactly how and why America has become a land of broken families and hurt children.

From radical feminism to no-fault divorce laws, from the “sexual revolution” of the ’60s to today’s drive for same-sex marriage, this issue of Whistleblower ties together all of the factors that have caused the disintegration of the American family, and most importantly, points to real solutions – both practical and inspiring.

“As tough a subject as divorce is, this issue of Whistleblower also offers great hope,” said WND Managing Editor David Kupelian, “because when you really understand the problem clearly, answers become clear too.”

Highlights of “DIVORCE WARS” include:

“‘DIVORCE WARS’ is powerful,” said Farah. “It may very well help people save their marriages. It will help those who have divorced understand what went wrong and why. And for children of divorce, it will provide insight, comfort and inspiration.”

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