An organization opposing a new sex-education curriculum in a Maryland school district has posted online part of the videotape that will be shown to 10th-graders this spring: a young woman putting a condom on a cucumber while giving her pupils helpful tips.

Frame from sex-ed video.

Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum features an excerpt from the seven and a half minute video on its website. The group is fighting a decision by the Board of Education of Montgomery County, Md., to show the video, entitled “Protect Yourself,” to students as part of its new sex-education curriculum.

“Remember to use a condom for oral, anal and vaginal sex,” the young actress says, noting that if the condom is accidentally put on inside out, it must be discarded for a new one.

“Don’t unroll the whole thing and then try to put it on,” she advises as she rolls a condom onto a vertical cucumber. “It won’t be easy, and the condom is much more likely to tear.”

Says the Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum website: “We question the judgment of the MCPS Board of Education’s decision to include oral and anal sex in the video when the surgeon general of the United States has said: ‘Condoms provide some protection, but anal intercourse is simply too dangerous to practice.’ Parents need to consider the language and concepts included in this video in order to make an informed decision about allowing their child to view it.”

The organization says it obtained a copy of the video directly from the school district through the Maryland Public Information Act.

The community group, which will show the video in its entirety at a town hall meeting March 19, also opposes the sexual-orientation emphasis of the new curriculum.

“[It] goes beyond the ethic of tolerance by demanding affirmation of a homosexual orientation and behavior, and in fact violates the value systems of many families,” the site states.

The new curriculum will be piloted at six schools this spring. A decision will then be made in June about expanding it to the entire school district.

As WorldNetDaily reported, the Montgomery County board appointed an 11-year-old girl to the panel charged with recommending a new sex education curriculum.

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