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Iran is preparing to pull out of the “no nuke” negotiations currently under way with the Europeans.

Why? Simple. President Bush has made clear that the lying has to stop. If the mullahs are serious about not making bombs, then they must take concrete steps. Destroy the centrifuges whose only purpose is to enrich uranium, and dismantle the heavy-water plant whose only purpose is to produce plutonium. Peaceful nuclear programs do not need highly enriched uranium or weapons-grade plutonium. The only purpose of these facilities is to make bombs and the United States has insisted they must go.


These conditions the mullahs will never accept. Their whole strategy has been to fool the Europeans, and their liberal U.S. supporters in the Senate, such as Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

The Iranian negotiators have suggested they need to keep some centrifuges going so they can conduct scientific research. What research could possibly be needed? Nobody believes the mullahs are interested in making contributions to theoretical nuclear physics – not even Jacques Chirac.

Then the Iranians said they want to come within a “screw’s turn” of developing nuclear weapons, but that they would refrain from actually building a bomb. Right? Even Teresa Heinz Kerry would probably doubt this one. The world does not want to wake up one morning and have the mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv be the proof that the mullahs turned the screw the final distance.

If the mullahs cannot pull off a verbal agreement with loopholes enough to drive an ayatollah through, then they have no choice but to end the talks. If President Bush holds the line and demands actions that prove the mullahs have abandoned their desire to produce nuclear weapons, then the mullahs are stalemated.

Right after the mullahs end the talks with the E.U.-3, they will pull out of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Their goal will be to follow the path set by North Korea when President Clinton came up with the brilliant idea to give Kim Jong-Il nuclear fuel for peaceful purposes.

Once North Korea had everything needed to build an atomic bomb, they shut the door on the world community and built nuclear weapons, daring anyone to stop them. John Kerry was wrong – we won’t have to give the mullahs nuclear fuel to make a bomb – they already have everything they need and they’re ready to throw the switch.

There is a big difference, however, between Kim Jong-Il and the mullahs in Iran. The North Koreans are extortionists. They do want goodies to persuade them to behave. The mullahs do not need goodies. They are raking in over $200 million a day in oil windfall profits. China, India and Russia have signed contracts with the mullahs to pour more millions into the development of their oil, natural gas and nuclear technology industries. The only thing the mullahs lack is a deliverable nuclear weapon, and they are about to decide they can go it alone.

The moment the mullahs pull out of the E.U.-3 negotiations, the world can begin counting the days until the war begins. Yes, President Bush will first go to the Security Council. The Security Council, as usual, will do nothing.

The mullahs won’t stop and their bluff has been called. War is coming next, whether we like it or not.


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