Dear brother and friend,

Great article – I think you are correct in your assessment of the battle we are in for our culture. The ACLU is the “point” in the enemy’s army as they seek to destroy the Christian West.

To analyze this fight a lot can be learned by looking at the tactics they have used in the past. Looking at the history of the last century, I would dare to make a prediction that this battle will eventually go from legalities to the barrel of a gun. When these people have enough momentum they will force their agenda down our throats via police state- type enforcement. They always have in the past, and they are just about there now.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not advocating violence, but am observing that the only way to destroy the ACLU and the political/legal forces behind them will probably be through clash of arms.

I’m not optimistic for the future of our nation. The Christians in our nation have no will to even mount a peaceful resistance, much less to “storm the gates” with political action. Even when tyranny becomes intolerable, I believe only a handful of citizens would resist with arms, and they of course would be branded as domestic terrorists and quickly squashed.

Wisdom would instruct that a close evaluation of the “Good Ship America’s” ability to stay afloat is in order. Our economic “bow,” once so high and proud, is now just above the waves, and the legal rudder of God’s Law and a Christian worldview are now dangling useless out of the water. The crew of the Titanic struggled to the last to save her, and I am all for that. Unfortunately, our elected “crew” is in cahoots with the ACLU and is letting more water in. As things continue to worsen, we need at some point to admit that she is “going down” and look for something that will float. I feel like the captain standing in the wheelhouse in the move “Titanic” with the water half up the windows – for me it is all too obvious.

This letter isn’t meant to be discouraging, as I believe God will ultimately triumph in history. As Christians, we should always be willing to make an honest assessment of our current situations. I believe we as Christians need to see ourselves as a people unto God being governed by God. This belief should play out in our everyday lives.

Larry Crawford

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