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On Saturday, March 19, a partial strike took place in Iran’s petroleum industry. Workers stopped the oil flow for several minutes at refineries and oil production facilities across the country, including Abadan, Tehran, Hemedan, Ahwaz, Mashad, Esfahan, and Tabriz. This was despite heavy security measures imposed by the country’s repressive intelligence organization, Herrassat.

What were the workers protesting? Simple, the looting of the country’s oil industries by the corrupt clerics ruling Iran. The mullahs have created a web of illegal kickback and skimming contracts with their European partners that have made their own personal enrichment, and the enrichment of their European friends, a lesson in international high-dollar crime.

In clear violation of their own Islamic law, the mullahs have entered into a patchwork quilt of classified and otherwise non-public contracts with the Europeans involving screen or offshore shell companies formed by the mullahs to rake off a percentage of the approximately $200 million a day in windfall oil profits Iran is now receiving.

The scheme concocted by the mullahs, if we could ever bring it to the light of day, was probably the model Saddam Hussein worked off when he created the “oil for food” scandal that has rocked the United Nations.

The mullahs drive around the country in tinted-window, air-conditioned, European-built limousines, while millions of ordinary citizens struggle to exist on incomes that barely reach $1 per day. These criminal clerics have stashed away countless millions in countries such as the United Arab Emirates where the mullahs, their families and their adult children live in multi-million dollar high-rise apartments with water views – apartments so lavish that they can drive their automobiles into elevators and park them in security in high-rise garages right outside their doors.

The mullahs are nothing but a mafia. They rake off huge percentages of the oil action so they can live in style, all the while building one of the largest clandestine nuclear technology enterprises the world has ever seen.

If the mullahs refuse to eliminate their centrifuge farms and their heavy-water plant, they are making nuclear weapons, no matter what lies they try to peddle to the world. The only purpose of their centrifuge farms is to produce weapons-grade uranium, and the only purpose of their heavy-water plant is to produce weapons-grade plutonium.

President Bush is allowing diplomacy some time to work, but his patience – and the patience of Israel – will come to an end if the mullahs are only willing to give more worthless promises not to build nuclear weapons.

Just remember, the next time you fill your car with gasoline and pay $2 or more per gallon, you are paying into a system that allows the mullahs to sell their oil to the Europeans, the Indians, the Chinese and the Japanese at prices that put billions into their personal clandestine bank accounts and give them all the revenue they need to buy the world’s top nuclear weapons technology.

If we don’t stop the mullahs soon, we should put our own names on the improvised nuclear device these mad terrorist clerics smuggle into the U.S. to destroy New York or Washington.

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