Did you catch the most recent hysteria about global warming?

The National Center for Atmospheric Research issued yet another doomsday report – this one saying that even if all industrial pollution and auto emissions suddenly ceased last week, which they didn’t, the Earth’s climate would continue to warm at least 1 degree by the year 2100 with seas rising 4 inches.

A worst-case scenario projects the global average temperature rising 6.3 degrees Fahrenheit within this century and the sea level climbing a foot or more.

What this all means to you and me, say the Chicken Littles posing as scientists, is more severe flooding along coastal areas and more deadly hurricanes all over the planet.

Of course, the intent of this scaremongering is to persuade governments to restrict your freedom and to convince you to accept those restrictions.

But the global-warming zealots may have finally outdone themselves with this latest bit of hyperventilating.

If we’re to take these people at their word, what is to be done? Nothing. It will do no good to do anything. So, I suggest we do exactly that – nothing.

Time will tell if global warming is a reality. If it is, we will never know the cause – manmade or natural. So, it seems to me there is little point in worrying, in changing our economic systems, in diminishing national sovereignty in favor of global treaties to limit carbon dioxide, in reducing automobile sizes and weights and killing tens of thousands more on the highways, in short, in doing any of the things the global-warming extremists have been suggesting for the past decade.

They admit it will do no good, so what is the point?

The point is to try to work people up into a frenzy, a dither, to make them forget much more pressing issues, to get them to believe there is no hope unless we allow wiser elite minds running governments and supranational agencies around the world to “do the right thing.”

Is the earth really warming? Maybe. Maybe not. The long-term trends are hard to measure – even the most doctrinaire proponents of the theory will acknowledge that. If it is warming, it’s nothing dramatic. Over the last 100 years or so, the average mean temperature may be a degree higher.

But there is no evidence – none whatsoever – to suggest such a minor change has anything to do with the activity of man on planet earth. There is also no evidence to suggest that man has the ability to do anything meaningful to reverse any global warming trend – real or imagined.

That’s right. Most scientists not compromised by the desire for government grants to study global warming or some political motivation will tell you there is little if anything man could do to heat up the earth’s atmosphere. The earth is just too big. Man’s presence is just too small. That’s just the way God planned it.

It wouldn’t make a bit of difference if we burned up all the oil reserves in the world in a day and a night. There would be no noticeable or measurable impact on the world’s temperatures.

But it gets even more bizarre. Not all scientists believe the kind of global warming measured recently is even bad for the planet or humanity. It may be the best thing that could ever happen to us.

So, why all the political hot air?

Because it fits a broad political agenda for further government control – in this case, international government control – over the lives of ordinary people. There is no other explanation for it. The global-warming doomsayers all believe Big Government is the only answer. We need more centralized power, more command-and-control bureaucracies, more regulations – all of which translates, like it or not, to less freedom.

This is a power grab. It’s about stealing your liberty. It’s about destroying the last vestiges of self-government and imposing international tyranny on Americans and the rest of the world. It’s part of a broad scheme to make decisions for you with no accountability – no elections, no representation, rule by a pseudo-scientific elite. Marx would be so proud.

That’s why even some of Bush’s most vocal cheerleaders have been severely disappointed by the administration’s flip-flop on global warming. It is a benchmark decision. It reveals more about the character of the administration – or lack thereof – than it does about the science behind the decision. It may not be meaningful in terms of immediate policy decisions, but it sets the tone for draconian actions by unaccountable international agencies.

It’s a sell-out of truth. It’s a sell-out of freedom. It’s a sell-out of what’s right.

Enough is enough. Modern science has enough trouble predicting the weather five days out for one small geographic area. We cannot predict global weather patterns years or decades away. And human beings, despite being able to generate a fair amount of hot air, certainly can do nothing on this planet that will alter them.

So why do we keep devoting so much public debate to the topic?

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