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Is America broken?

A woman is slowly starving to death in a Florida hospice.

She is under armed guard to ensure that no one offers her water to drink or food to eat.

This is all happening under court order.

Not a congressional act nor the personal intervention of the president of the United States has been able to help her.

Is America broken?

How could this happen in this country, as the whole nation, the whole world, watches?

Oh, the lawyers have their excuses.

The high priests in black robes claim to have sympathy but say their hands are tied.

This is all happening because one obviously estranged husband is on a determined course to exterminate his wife with extreme prejudice.

Her friends can do nothing to stop the killing. Her loving family is doing everything in its power to stop it. Millions of Americans are left hopeless, helpless, by government machinations.

It’s a crime. It’s a sin. It’s a grievous injustice that is bringing shame upon our country.

Enough is enough.

I know I speak for the vast majority of Americans when I say: Feed Terri Schiavo. Give her life-sustaining water. There is no excuse for this barbaric torture under the color of the law. This is an issue of basic morality. Let Terri live.

Americans do not want to be complicit in this murder.

I refuse to be silent.

I call on Gov. Jeb Bush to use his executive powers to stop this slow, torturous death. I call on President George W. Bush to use his executive powers to intervene for this U.S. citizen. I call on the Florida Legislature to rewrite its laws right now to prevent this atrocity against a fellow member of the human race. I call upon the Congress of the United States to make it explicitly clear to the authorities in Florida that the cold-blooded killing of Terri Schiavo will not be tolerated. I call on the U.S. Supreme Court to step in and protect the constitutional rights of this American.

America will be forever changed if Terri Schiavo is allowed to die.

There is no reason to believe this is her wish.

There is only the flimsiest of circumstantial evidence to believe that. And there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary – evidence never heard before by any judge. Motives are material in criminal trials. They should be examined in this civil case.

Why the rush to kill Terri Schiavo?

Why not re-examine the evidence?

Why not rewrite the laws if necessary?

The people of this country are crying out for justice. They are crying out for morality. Terri’s plight is on the mind of every American today.

And let me add one more thing to my plea today – one more message to all Americans and people around the world watching this case.

There is something each of us can do.

And I believe it will have impact.

When you read these words today, take one minute of quiet time to pray for Terri Schiavo, to pray for our country, to pray for God’s providence to be done.

I believe that is every bit as important to the appropriate disposition of this issue as anything that can be done by the courts, by elected officials, by the attorneys and by the activists on both sides of this life-and-death case.

Heavenly Father, have mercy on Terri Schiavo. Have mercy on this country. Your will be done.