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Supreme Court refuses
to hear Schiavo appeal

In a unanimous decision, and without any comment or recorded dissent, the U.S. Supreme Court today rejected a request from Terri Schiavo’s parents for an emergency order allowing the brain-injured woman’s feeding tube to be reinserted.

In their emergency filing, Robert and Mary Schindler had said their 41-year-old daughter faces an unjust and imminent death based on a decision by her husband to remove a feeding tube without strong proof of her consent. They alleged constitutional violations of due process and religious freedom.

Attorneys for Michael Schiavo said in their Supreme Court filing that Terri Schiavo would want to die. They opposed the request filed by the parents and said they had offered “no valid justification for the extraordinary and invasive relief they seek.”

They told the justices the Florida courts have far exceeded the constitutional requirements of due process under the law in protecting and promoting Terri Schiavo’s rights. The filing also said Congress violated the Constitution when it passed a bill allowing federal court review of her case.

”That is not an exercise of legislative power, but trial by legislature. … Any law that suspends, nullifies, or reverses a final court judgment is an exercise of judicial, not legislative power,” the filing said.

The high court’s action marked the fourth time since January that it has refused to intervene in the case.

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