With legal and legislative options apparently exhausted, former Judicial Watch chairman Larry Klayman and former presidential candidate Alan Keyes are in Florida’s capital trying to persuade Gov. Jeb Bush to use his executive powers to save Terri Schaivo’s life.

Klayman, a candidate last year for the U.S. Senate from Florida, believes that since Bush “is the supreme executive power of the state of Florida, he has the right and duty to step in and, in effect, pardon Terri Schaivo from the death sentence that has been unduly placed upon her by the court system.”

The Schaivo case presents a “vacuum” for the judicial system, Klayman and Keyes contend, because it “failed to act to save Terri’s life” and “all Americans that want to see justice done would like for that vacuum to be filled before it is too late.”

In a unanimous decision, just announced, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected a request from Terri Schiavo’s parents, Robert and Mary Schindler, for an emergency order allowing Schiavo’s feeding tube to be reinserted.

Klayman met with Bush’s general counsel yesterday afternoon to outline the legal justification for Bush to act and present a legal brief prepared by Keyes.

They expect to meet with Bush today to “stress that time is of the essence, that Terri can die at any moment.”

Keyes wrote a column published this morning by WorldNetDaily, arguing for Bush to step in and save Schiavo amid judicial abuse of the separation of powers.

Larry Klayman is legal counsel for William Greene’s RightMarch.com and Alan Keyes’ Declaration Alliance, both advocates for saving Schiavo’s life.

Yesterday, religious and political groups banded together to urge Gov. Bush and his brother, President Bush, to use their executive powers to order police to take Terri Schiavo into protective custody.

As WorldNetDaily reported, the Florida judge who has consistently ruled against efforts to keep Terri Schiavo alive has said no to an effort by the state’s Department of Children and Families to rescue the brain-injured woman by physically removing her, but a department spokeswoman says the state agency still could take action without judicial approval.

Pinellas Circuit Court Judge George Greer said the state cannot take Schiavo into custody, nor provide her food or water.

The possible “rescue” scenario emerged today with Schiavo now in her sixth day without food or water. Florida’s DCF indicated it might remove the brain-injured woman, by force if necessary, from the hospice where she has lived the past five years.

At a news conference yesterday, Gov. Bush confirmed the DCF, under his authority, was considering the move.

Bush said new information had come to light warranting intervention, including a review of Terri Schiavo’s condition by neurologist Dr. William Cheshire, who claims she may have been misdiagnosed. Cheshire believes Schiavo to be in a “minimally conscious state,” not a “persistent vegetative state” as courts have determined.

“It is imperative that she be stablized so the DCF team can fulfill their statute to review the facts surrounding the case,” Bush said.

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