Jesse Jackson has a 40-year track record of looking out for primarily one individual: Jesse Jackson.

From shameless shakedowns of corporations, to cavorting with dictators, to encouraging racism in millions of black Americans, to being a vocal supporter of abortion on demand, few individuals have caused as much damage to their country as Jesse Louis Jackson.

Prior to his association with the Terry Schiavo situation, Jackson’s image among the public was in a freefall. The embarrassing situation of his mistress going public and revealing that he fathered her child hurt his reputation, along with increased scrutiny of Jackson’s questionable relationship with corporate America.

Jackson’s name was tarnished, even in the black community. In the movie “Barbershop,” the mention of his name brought a sharp retort from a character: “F— Jesse Jackson,” he said, to big laughs.

Jackson’s Wall Street Project was a mere shadow of its former self, with corporate CEO’s reportedly avoiding him like the plague.

Black America was beginning to look for a new generation of examples. Jackson was looking old, tired and irrelevant. He had used black Americans for his own personal gain for years, and growing numbers of blacks were on to him.

Recently he has latched onto the Michael Jackson case, becoming Michael’s “spiritual adviser,” interviewing Michael on his radio show and shamelessly playing the race card for Michael, who compared his suffering with Nelson Mandela!

The bleeding has temporarily stopped. Jackson made some pro-Terri Schiavo comments on television, and was subsequently invited to Florida to “pray” with the Schindler family. In a heartbeat, Jackson was back in front of microphones, being picked up by every media outlet in the world, it seemed.

With little exception, activists and commentators of all political persuasions were extremely supportive of Jackson. Some said he was brave for “standing up” to fellow Democrats. Rev. Rob Schenck said, “There is nothing for Jesse Jackson to gain here except respect for having done the right thing.” No disrespect, but is this man kidding? Jesse Jackson has everything to gain by getting involved.

Jesse Jackson is like a cocaine addict who has been wandering back alleys without his fix. He absolutely hungers and thirsts for power, and he will regain it by any means necessary.

Conservatives who think this man has changed have another thing coming. He has waited till the 11th hour to get involved, until a time when any action to resume feeding Terri could be difficult and dangerous. Why?

If Jesse Jackson really has come to a state of conscience about Terri Schiavo, then where is his apology for his role in the over 14 million black babies who have been murdered in their mothers’ wombs? Remember: Once upon a time he said he was pro-life.

Much like Louis Farrakhan’s false change several years ago, and Hillary Clinton’s now, I submit the leopard’s spots haven’t changed at all. These wicked individuals merely change their methods once it’s clear the old ones no longer work.

Haven’t we heard that the devil is cunning and will even present himself even as a child of light when necessary? And that he made a promise to deceive every man, woman and child? Wake up, Americans! Wake up, Christians!

Unfortunately, Christians can be some of the most gullible people on the face of the earth. Their desire to show how loving and forgiving they can be sets them up as the ultimate doormats for charlatans.

And is it not a little strange that Jesse Jackson joined this battle rather late in the game?

There’s an old saying, one that has been used by Jesse Jackson himself, that justice delayed is justice denied. A massive protest by Jesse Jackson even two weeks ago could have had much greater effect than the unconscionable grandstanding he’s doing now.

In a recent press statement, I made the point that more blacks needed to get involved in the Schiavo battle because laws are changing and blacks need to have their voices heard on important issues of the day. I specifically said we need black Christians to tell their pastors to get involved. Jesse Jackson may be responding to my statement, but I doubt he even knows what the word “Christian” means.

Our prayers go out to Terri and the Schindler family. I know they want to help their daughter, but they should be careful about praying with the devil in their hour of need.

And the American people ought to realize the implications of empowering and running with the devil.

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