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Don't mourn for Terri

I do not mourn for Terri Schiavo. She is dead, awakened into what I pray would be a bright eternity. It is for the living that I mourn.

It is to the living – those who for the moment have been left behind – that the gruesome reality of her passing will ultimately be made clear.

I have heard many say Terri’s suffering brought out the best and worst on both sides of the argument. I am here to say nothing could be further from the truth. Had the best been brought out, we would have never witnessed such barbarism. It is the absolute worst that has been brought out by Terri’s execution.

It is the absolute worst of the medical community that has been revealed. We witnessed the zeal with which so-called medical experts supporting agendas of death, extolled the privilege it was for Terri to suffer such a macabre death.

It was the worst display of familial dysfunction imaginable. We watched a carrion of human life declare with no sense of shame his conflicted ability to love two women. The woman he sentenced to death and the woman with whom he is conjoined.

We were witness to a human cruelty not seen since Auschwitz or Rwanda. We watched a man use his disabled wife to sadistically torture her parents. I find it curious he was never asked what Terri’s feelings may have been about that.

The most flawed of governmental forms, the American Communist Party’s adherents confidently proclaimed when they take power, such will not only be commonplace, but their government will not be permitted to intervene. Many listening to and watching their verbal debauchery were fully cognizant that the country they purposed to take over was America.

There is a conclave of death that has operated in plain sight, but without legitimacy until now. Thus it is the courts that are truly the worst. They with their cabal of supporters (read: American Civil Liberties Union) have given official credentials to a culture of death. Just as the murder of the innocent unborn has not been reversed, so neither will this evil.

No, I do not mourn for the dead. For they have (with God’s “Proviso”) escaped this evil we must yet confront.

I mourn for the living who did nothing until Terri’s pending demise. It is unconscionable that the good did nothing until it came time to blame others for not doing more. Even more egregious is that scant months from now this will be a forgotten memory to all but that phalanx of death. They will continue to exert whatever effort necessary to ensure their ideals.

I’ve heard it foolishly said that this was hard for both sides – the Schindler family and the man I will not name. How patently idiotic that very thought.

Where is the moral equivalence between a mother, father and siblings forced to stand shackled and abandoned by courts occupied by alabaster arbiters of social decline, and a morally opprobrious infidel from the line of de Sade? Where is the moral equivalence of a mother and father denied a final opportunity to comfort their baby girl before she succumbed to her death sentence, while the person responsible for same ghoulishly relished her death at her bedside?

It is America and the living that I mourn for. The days before that which has been foretold are fulfilled, are numbered.

In the time that remains, we can work to take back America or you can blame others while wallowing in misplaced aggression. My chagrined opinion is nothing will be done until something signals the death of yet another portion of our Constitution.

Then it will be blame the governor, and blame the president, but don’t blame yourself for not being proactive.

As I pen this piece, Terri will have prayerfully spent the first day of eternity with her “Creator.” Perhaps one day her executioners will cast their eyes upward from their place of torment, crying for mercy, asking that Terri may but dip the tip of her finger in water and cool their tongues … (Luke 16:19)