In an open letter to Tehran’s leaders, an opposition group called The 70 Million People of Iran, has declared the ruling mullahs will no longer have power over the country as of June 16, and has called on world powers not to honor any contracts with the government after that date.

The letter from the group inside Iran was distributed by Iran of Tomorrow Movement, a U.S.-based organization working toward a free Iran.

“We, the 70 million people of Iran, hereby joyfully and unequivocally declare that your time has come to an end, and we demand that you submit to the will of the Iranian people and peacefully surrender the power to its rightful owners, the people of Iran, immediately,” states the letter. “We no longer consider you our legitimate government and hereby warn all foreign governments that all transactions and contracts signed with this government after June 16, 2005, will be null and void.”

The letter goes on to described the “indescribable horrors” the Iranian people have suffered under the current Muslim regime since 1979:

“We were ravaged by a needless and brutal war; had our cities bombed, our livelihoods destroyed and generations of our budding youth slaughtered at your command. In addition to these human casualties, you have wrongly aligned us with thugs, terrorists and international outlaws who detest freedom and democracy.”

Continues the letter: “No longer will we stand idly by. The end of one of the most bloody, brutal and totalitarian regimes is OVER. You can choose your own destiny. We will give you what you never gave us, a chance to flee. Either you leave peacefully or you will face our wrath and judgment.”

The letter goes on to describe what its writer promises will occur if the mullahs don’t flee the country by June 16.

“Your own meaningless and rigged elections will be your undoing,” the letter states. “You have until the 16th of June, 2005, to return power to the people and forever leave our beloved Iran. Should you be so unwise to stay, on the 17th day of June, the Election Day, we shall prepare for your demise as we stay at home, once again, to declare our solidarity. Beginning on June 18 and every day thereafter, we shall strike like a furious flood to cleanse our nation from your filthy existence. We will come out in our millions to demolish your entirety with our will. We shall start national strikes, interrupt communication and transportation networks, seize the capital, government buildings and the banks and if you have been so foolish to stay behind, you will experience our rage. Retribution will be swift for those who stay behind and stand in our way.”

On June 10, the letter says, all Iranians will begin a protest by staying at home in the evenings and turning out their lights from 6 p.m. until midnight, thus converting “the cities into ghost towns.”

States the letter: “We have asked all governments of the world to support us by issuing formal declarations on the 10th of June. The world will endorse us fully; they will support those who fight against evil. All nations will abandon your dead regime and recognize that the future belongs to us, the true owners of the great nation of Iran.”

The writer then explains that the Iran of Tomorrow Movement will organize the election of a secular interim government by exiled Iranians that will be “ready to assume all governmental functions by June 10, 2005.”

A second letter is addressed to world leaders, including President Bush, and asks for support of the freedom movement:

“We, the 70 million people of Iran, request your declaration to denounce the Islamic Republic as the legitimate government of Iran on the 10th of June. On this historic day, we the Iranian people will place our seal on a promise of this general uprising which will go down in history as a confrontation between good and evil.”

According to the blog Regime Change Iran, the Iran of Tomorrow Movement is affiliated with the recently organized Iranian Opposition Council. Leaders of The Iran of Tomorrow Movement will reportedly gather in Washington, D.C., next month and many of the Iranian Opposition Council coalition members are expected to join them.

The Bush administration continues to pressure Tehran over its alleged plans to develop nuclear weapons, while the regime continues to declare its right to develop nuclear technology for what it says are peaceful purposes.

Jerome Corsi, author of “Atomic Iran: How the Terrorist Regime Bought the Bomb and American Politicians,” says he sees a “confrontation” with Iran this year if Tehran fails to take specific action to dismantle its centrifuges, heavy-water plant and missiles that can deliver nuclear warheads.

Corsi agrees with the intent of the resistance letter, but says he isn’t familiar with the group that generated it.

“The mullahs need to get out of town,” he told WND. “They’re an illegitimate regime that has been oppressing the Iranian people, and it’s time for them to go.”

“I’m in support of what the letter is calling for,” Corsi said.

Corsi says he’s spearheading an Iran Freedom Walk beginning May 15 at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia and ending in Washington, D.C. He invites all who support peaceful change in Iran to join him and members of an organization he helped form, the Iran Freedom Foundation.

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