I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome all Americans to the New Netherlands of the Western Hemisphere, where the principals of “eugenic selection” have been successfully resurrected and implemented by the court-sanctioned process of euthanasia. The good news is that the constitutional crisis is now over, and as a result, New Netherlands has a single ruling class – the “Men in Black.”

The future of government

Based upon careful shock-test analysis, we have determined that the executive and legislative branches of both federal and state governments have proven to be impotent and soon will become irrelevant. However, the demise of these two government branches will be accomplished in an incrementally stealthy and Fabian manner so as not to upset the uneducated masses.

All legislative decisions shall be determined by the judiciary as they make agenda-driven decisions that, by precedence, become the law of the land. The executive branch will continue in place, but its duties will be limited to figure-heads interfacing with other countries (via the United Nations) and with implementing the will of court-approved NGOs (non-governmental organizations).

The Constitution

The New Judiciary has determined that the Constitution of the United States is a “living document.” As such, its interpretation and application must be brought into line with international law and treaties so it can properly reflect the modern world value systems of socialistically driven totalitarianism. All rights and guarantees implicitly or explicitly stated in the Constitution will now be considered on a case-by-case basis in the proper court of law.

Individuals may, however, issue a writ of petition to the courts of the land for “life,” “liberty” and the “pursuit of happiness.” If the court deems the petitioner eugenically worthy to receive these benefits, the writ will be approved. Any eugenically inferior petitioner denied these benefits (based upon established principles of eugenic selection) may appeal to the higher courts at his own expense. However, be advised that the State has retained the services of the American Communist Lawyer’s Union to provide proper perspective of all lower-court decisions.

Welcome America to your Brave New World – a world that you have so richly earned!


A special thanks goes out to the following organizations for their direct contributions to the successful implementation of the much-needed restructuring of the government of New Netherlands:

The Tavistock Institute – a focused think-tank for the betterment of society. Molding society through the principles of Pavlovian polarization, population fragmentation, and citizen re-education through the selective applications of Hegelian Dialectic, media manipulation, educational curriculum control and “Shock Testing for Change” TM.

The Carnegie Foundation – financing the cause for equality. All men are not only created equal, they must also remain equal … leveling the playing field.

The Hemlock Society – your one-stop source for all your right-to-die needs. “Suicide is painless; it brings on many changes …”

The Fabian Society – stealth socialism at its best. Slow and steady wins this race.

The Rockefeller Foundation – implementing the whims of Old Europe. Making population control a reality.

Planned Parenthood – the jewel in Margaret Sanger’s crown. Eugenics at its best. “We’ll help you get rid of your unwanted trash.”

The NEA – Manipulating little minds into good global citizens.

The American people – making it all possible.

Have we arrived yet?

J. Vidlak

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