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Freedom Walk for liberation
of Iran

We have created the Iran Freedom Foundation to promote peaceful change in Iran. The site fully documents the terror the Islamic Republic of Iran has let loose not only on the world, but also on the Iranian citizens themselves. The mullahs, with their massive worldwide public-relations efforts, claim to be a legitimate regime, even though their human-rights violations against their own people are horrifying, even though they continue to support terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah, even though they continue to proclaim “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.”

Right now, the mullahs are engaged in a typical game played by crafty terrorists. They are lying to the world that they have no intention to develop nuclear weapons. The Europeans are playing the “wink-wink” game of going along, saying yet another round of talks will produce an agreement on nuclear technology acceptable to the United States.

The Iran Freedom Foundation is determined to expose this farce to the world. On our website, you can view the television commercial we have produced showing the horrible consequences of an “atomic 9-11,” resulting from the mullahs smuggling into New York an improvised nuclear device arriving in a ship, neatly packaged in a container. We also have on the same page the music video produced by the mullahs showing the actual films of the airplanes flying into the twin towers, while terrorists act out their desire to wipe America off the face of the earth.

This past weekend, I was interviewed by Radio Sedaye Iran, KRSI, in California. The interview was broadcast into Iran during prime time, and an estimated 5 million Iranians heard the show. You can hear the broadcast on the Radio Sedaye Iran website or on iranfree.org. We sent in a strong message of solidarity and support for the people of Iran who live in fear of the terrorist clerics ruling their country.

On May 16, 2005, the Iran Freedom Foundation will hold a rally at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. I plan to start out from there, with a determination to walk to Washington, D.C., to bring attention to the cause. The Iran Liberty Walk will reach out to Iran, calling for protest in the streets on June 17, the date of the presidential election in Iran. The distance to be walked is about 128 miles and will take approximately two weeks. I am 58 years old and yet determined to walk the distance. I invite all who share our purpose to join me for as much of the walk as you can.

We are planning to broadcast the Iran Freedom Walk daily into Iran, via radio, television and Internet, with live coverage and interviews with those participating. Estimates are that some 40 million people in Iran will follow the Iran Freedom Walk as it takes place.

Every week, some 200 to 300 dissidents in Iran simply disappear. Still, the mullahs and their thugs will be helpless against hundreds of thousands who flood the streets on June 17 and vote “NO” by refusing to take part in the sham elections the mullahs are planning.

Natan Sharansky has reminded the world that no tyranny can rule forever by keeping its own people in fear. The Iran Freedom Walk will be filmed by Tim Watkins who produced the important documentary film “In the Face of Evil: Reagan’s War in Word and Deed.” Watkins’ film is a “must-see,” as it documents how the courage of Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II brought down communism by their resolve to stand up against the “evil empire.”

The Iran Freedom Foundation is resolved to do the same against the mullahs. We need your support. Please visit our website, www.iranfree.org, and plan to follow us in our march for freedom in Iran, a destiny we know will soon come to the Iranian people. The tide of freedom sweeping across the Middle East will not be stopped, even if the mullahs spend billions in public relations to fool the world about their evil intentions.