We are going to win. Your ilk will probably be rounding up gays soon and executing us, I am sure.

Well I can assure you no matter what happens in this country, gay people are going nowhere and killing us will be the only way you will stop us.

I will fight people like you until I die. I will give money, I will march, I will sue, I will never stop – never. Every day I breathe will be to advance gay rights. Every success you people have only makes me more determined.

And you people may get what you want for now, but young people don’t feel the way you do and they will be making the rules soon enough and they don’t hate gay people. It may take 10, 20 or 30 years, but gay people will get everything they want I can assure you. All setbacks now are temporary, trust me. Hating gets tiring and boring after a while and I think people are going to tire of gay bashing very soon.

So keep on writing your blather and spewing because you see Fred Phelps has done more to advance gay rights than any gays have. Each article like this wins us sympathy, so please keep on spewing.

“The good news is God rules and will right all wrongs at the appointed time. Stand firm.”

I live by this every day and it is good news that He is on my side – the gay side.

Name withheld

“A very militant queer who is here to stay”

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