A leftist weekly paper in Portland, Ore., has declared its love for abortion in a sarcastic response to a pro-life group putting the publication on its boycott list.

According to a statement from Life Decisions International, or LDI, it targeted the Portland Mercury as part of its Corporate Funding Project. The effort places corporations that fund abortion provider Planned Parenthood on a boycott list.

As part of the process, LDI writes a letter to the chief executive officer of each company, giving the firm a chance to stop funding Planned Parenthood before it is put on the list.

The Portland Mercury used the opportunity to hammer LDI and publicize its proud support for the abortion provider.

A photo of the letter from Douglas Scott, president of Life Decisions International, appeared on the cover of the tabloid’s April 6 issue, and the following letter of response was published inside:

[A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: On our front cover is an unedited letter sent to us by Douglas R. Scott, president of Life Decisions International – a group whose sole purpose is to put Planned Parenthood out of business. Here’s our response to Mr. Scott!]

DEAR MR. SCOTT: Thank you for your recent correspondence. It gladdens my heart to see people who still see the necessity in standing up for what’s right. Bearing that in mind, the Portland Mercury is thrilled that Life Decisions International has chosen us to be included in your upcoming publication, The Boycott List. We have struggled long and hard to provide corporate and moral support to Planned Parenthood, and until now, it felt like no one had even noticed. But now that the Portland Mercury is featured in The Boycott List, we can shove it in the face of all those other liberal organizations, and say, “You think you love abortion? Well … look at THIS! We reaaaaaaaalllly love abortion!”

But abortion is not the only reason we love Planned Parenthood. We love how they provide much needed health services such as safe-sex counseling, gynecological exams, prenatal care, pregnancy testing, treatment for STDs and much more – all at a reasonable cost. Their services were especially helpful when your wife gave me chlamydia, or that time I impregnated your daughter. (Wait … maybe that was some other Christian bigot’s wife and daughter. Regardless, those gals love to party!) But Planned Parenthood isn’t just for the promiscuous daughters and wives of hypocritical honky anti-choice crackers. It’s for any woman who believes in the American right to choose and make responsible decisions regarding her own body.

So thank you once again for recognizing the Portland Mercury’s continuing devotion and support for Planned Parenthood by including us in The Boycott List – and if it’s not too late, we’d like to make one more request: Is there any way you can push us to the top of the list?

Wm. Steven Humphrey, Editor, Portland Mercury

Responded Scott:

“As is so often the case with those who ‘love’ abortion, Humphrey prefers to ignore the grossly evil acts committed by Planned Parenthood and concentrate on its seemingly innocuous activities. It’s quite interesting that Humphrey can refer to ‘Christian bigots’ while blatantly exposing his own anti-Christ bigotry. Furthermore, Humphrey seems to rely almost exclusively on name-calling, a racist remark, extensive sarcasm, and downright perverse comments about having sex with a Christian wife or daughter.”

Scott continued: “Let’s not be overly appalled by Humphrey’s remarks. Humphrey is serving his god just as we are serving our God. As atrocious as it is, we should not be the least bit surprised that he would write such things.”

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