SAN DIEGO — Just days before lawmakers in Connecticut legalized same-sex “civil unions” in their state, policymakers for the Democratic Party in the nation’s most populous state endorsed a similar policy move.

The Resolutions Committee of the California Democratic Party adopted a resolution April 16 calling for a public policy that guarantees “civil marriage for all people who choose to make a marriage commitment as a couple.” The resolution clearly states that current California law “discriminates in favor of different-sex couples and, consequently, discriminates against same-sex couples.”

The resolution ” … [and] makes California the fourth state Democratic party to officially” take such a position of endorsing homosexual marriage, according to the homosexual Internet website “The Democratic parties of Massachusetts, New York and Washington state have all expressed support for marriage equality, either by resolution or through a state party platform,” reports the article.

The resolution from the California Democratic Party essentially supports the premise of same-sex marriage and is yet another repudiation of the state’s Proposition 22 which affirmed marriage as “only between one man and one woman” just five years ago. Proposition 22, the 2000 voter initiative, won by a plurality of close to 62 percent of the state’s voting public in March 2000.

Republican State Assemblyman Ray Haynes said Thursday “this [resolution] is proof about how hostile the Democratic Party has become to the family and to people of faith. [It seems] that the Democratic Party cares more about indulging people’s vices instead of raising children.”

Contacted yesteday in Washington, D.C., Robert Knight of the Culture and Family Institute said “this should show [the public] how far out of step the California Democratic Party is with the rest of the country.”

Knight continued, observing that “while other states, most recently Kansas, are rushing to protect traditional marriage in their state, California’s liberal state party is embracing the pan-sexual revolution and turning the Golden State into Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Conservative radio talk-show host Paul McGuire believes the Christian church bears some responsibility in allowing the Democratic Party to be so heavily influenced by homosexual activists. In a recent interview, McGuire predicted that “gay marriage” will be legalized in the very near future.

“There have been no voices of opposition from the Christian clergy,” he points out. “Christian pastors in California will eventually be forced to marry homosexual and lesbian couples or they will face severe lawsuits from organizations like the ACLU. By that time, they [California pastors] will wake up and it will be too late.”

Legislation currently working its way through the California Assembly will, if passed, effectively allow civil marriage to same-sex partners.

Randy Thomasson, executive director of Campaign for Children and Families, is encouraging California residents to contact their state representatives if they want to stop the Democratic Party from forcing homosexual marriage on California families.

Like Assemblyman Haynes, State Senator Tom McClintock — a candidate for lieutenant governor — will try to defeat the bill, AB19, which was introduced by openly homosexual Democratic lawmaker Mark Leno of San Francisco. However, the Republicans face an uphill battle; they are in the minority in both the California Assembly and Senate in Sacramento.

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