Pop star Moby, known for his political statements as well as his music, says he’d do everything he could to make his future child homosexual should the singer ever have a family.

He’s also blasting conservatives Tom DeLay, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich as “amoral/immoral” right wingers.

In an interview with Planet Out, a publication geared toward homosexuals, the musician, who is not “gay,” was lamenting so-called homophobia in society when he suggested his future child should be raised to be a homosexual.

“As a matter of fact, I was talking to my friend Laura, who sings on [my latest] record, and we’re both getting to the point where we want to start families,” Moby said. “We’re convinced that if we have children, we’re going to do everything in our power to make them gay. Like maybe drinking a lot of extra soy milk while she’s pregnant, or anything that would work to make that happen. I’d just rather have a really sharp, interesting, smart gay son than some big dumb hetero meathead.”

On Moby’s website, he also said he wonders why Christians in general are so “worked up” about homosexuality.

“I ask this because Christ, at least in the New Testament that I have, never mentioned homosexuality, so we thus don’t know what Christ might have thought about homosexuality. Why is the church so up in arms about an issue that Christ never seemed to have mentioned? And why does the church so routinely gloss over so many of the issues that Christ actually did talk about? It just makes no sense to me.”

Moby, who once called President Bush a “big, fat f—ing liar” at a New York event hosted by the political organization, is now taking on well-known conservatives in his online diary.

In his entry yesterday, Moby writes:

“I hope that Tom DeLay sticks around for a long time.

“He’s such a profound and continuing source of embarrassment for the right wing in America that his resignation or indictment would actually work to the detriment of the left wing in the states.

“The progressive movement needs more crazy and amoral/immoral right-wing politicians and pundits like Tom DeLay and Newt Gingrich and Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity.

“Seeing as the progressive movement [is], sadly, not so good at self-promotion, the progressives have to rely on crazy right-wingers like DeLay and Coulter to drive people away from the Republican Party and into the ranks of the Democrats.”

Moby, whose real name is Richard Melville Hall, traces his ancestry back to Herman Melville, author of the classic whale epic “Moby Dick.”

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