The news that Iran has successfully tested missiles capable of detonating nuclear weapons at high altitude – thus creating a devastating electromagnetic pulse attack that could cripple the United States – should be a wakeup call to all Americans.

It’s one thing to face one Pearl Harbor sneak attack in the course of a war. It will be another to face two.

Unless President Bush gets serious about homeland security by securing the borders and preparing the nation’s infrastructure against an EMP attack, there’s little point in continuing the charade of screening airline passengers for cigarette lighters.

Our national security priorities are a sad joke.

We’re running out of time.

We’ve been pretending too long that America is not really vulnerable. We’re been pretending for too long that we can fight the war against evil Islamist totalitarianism on offense alone. We’ve been pretending we’ve made strides in securing the homeland since Sept. 11.

The truth is we’ve learned nothing since 9-11.

Iran will soon have the capability to even the playing field with the United States – reducing us to a second- or third-rate power with one primitive, but well-placed nuclear weapon.

That’s the message of the scientists and experts who have been studying the threat posed by an EMP attack.

This is not a new threat. The Soviets studied their EMP options more than 20 years ago. But the Soviets understood there would be a big price to pay by exploding a nuclear weapon high above America and wiping out electronics and communications.

The enemy we face today believes it has a religious duty to destroy America. They see an opportunity like this like a ticket to paradise.
Iran is not the only threat, but it probably represents the gravest – and the newest.

We need to be prepared to defend ourselves. That means government action to secure our vital infrastructure. And it means ordinary Americans making modest preparations, too, for such a calamity.

American’s greatest strength – high technology – could easily become its greatest weakness.

It can be our Achilles’ heel.

Put yourself in the place of the terrorist who hates America. What would you do?

Would you try to enter this country legally to destroy it? Or would you prefer to enter the country undetected through one of two borders that are left virtually unguarded?

If you had just one nuclear weapon, would you detonate in a major American city? Or would you detonate it over the country and send Americans back to a 19th-century lifestyle?

We’re squandering billions and billions of dollars on homeland defense measures that only strip Americans of their liberties without making them one bit safer.

It’s time to reverse course.

It’s time to empower Americans in the fight against our enemies. It’s time to enlist them in this fight. It’s time to give them some leadership and marching orders. It’s time to be honest with them. It’s time to explain the vulnerabilities and correct them. It’s time to recruit Americans to prepare for the inevitable battle here at home.

Jerome Corsi, author of “Atomic Iran,” said it best when he learned of Iran’s EMP threat: “Up until now, I believed the nuclear threat to the United States from Iran was limited to the ability of terrorists to penetrate the borders or port security to deliver a device to a major city. While that threat should continue to be a grave concern for every American, these tests by Iran demonstrate just how devious the fanatical mullahs in Tehran are. We are facing a clever and unscrupulous adversary in Iran that could bring America to its knees.”

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