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John Bolton and Iran ... a 'must have' candidate

The Bush administration is prepared to fight hard for John Bolton to be our U.N. ambassador. Why?

Yes, Bush does want a tough U.S. ambassador to the United Nations – a person like Bolton who is unafraid to stand up to the anti-American gangster behavior that typifies today’s United Nations. Equally important, when the case of Iran arrives at the U.N. Security Council in the next few weeks, Bush wants a guy there who understands that the mullahs are following the North Korean path of lying their way to having nuclear weapons.

The left is fighting Bolton not because he has been rude to subordinates. That argument is so transparent that it is virtually silly. Many commentators have pointed out that senators like Joe Biden should not invite their own personal conduct to become an issue regarding subordinates.

Wasn’t hubris the final sin that took down the Senate’s once almighty tax czar in the persona of five-term Sen. Packwood of Oregon? Packwood resigned in disgrace after allegations of sexual misconduct from a number of women who worked for him over a 23-year period. Has Joe Biden been completely meek and pure in his treatment of subordinates? Does he really want that question examined?

The left’s true agenda was revealed a few days ago by U.K. Liberal Democratic Leader Charles Kennedy, not to be confused with our own liberal Democratic luminary, Ted Kennedy. Charles Kennedy was quoted extensively by none other than the Islamic Republic News Agency, the media mouthpiece of the mullahs. From his particular glass house, Charles Kennedy decided to throw a few stones at Tony Blair. According to the IRNA, Kennedy claimed the Bush administration was only holding off on attacking Iran in order to wait for British Prime Minister Tony Blair to be re-elected in May.

“Tony Blair has only gone so far to say there are ‘no plans’ for an attack on Iran. The problem the prime minister has is that we have no reason to trust his word,” said the leader of Britain’s only major party that opposed going to war in Iraq. “Britain’s international reputation has been damaged by the way Tony Blair took us to war. It has undermined the United Nations. It has undermined international law. It has undermined Tony Blair’s own standing as prime minister.” The exact same speech could have been given by Ted Kennedy if only the name “George W. Bush” had been substituted for “Tony Blair” in the criticism.

President Bush has gotten the Europeans to agree that Iran will be taken to the Security Council if no satisfactory agreement is reached with the mullahs soon. Every day the mullahs continue to insist they will resume enriching uranium, no matter what the Europeans insist. If the Europeans insist on making the cessation of uranium enrichment permanent, the mullahs have declared they will pull out of the negotiations and go their own separate way.

President Bush has given every indication that he will not accept any negotiated settlement which gives the mullahs the room they need to proceed down the North Korean path. If we are headed to a confrontation, the case of Iran is headed to the United Nations. When the question of atomic Iran arrives at the Security Council, President Bush wants a tough guy there working for us. John Bolton’s neo-con credentials give the liberals reason to worry.

The liberal foursome of the U.S. Senate – Kennedy, Kerry, Clinton and Biden – does not want to have their game exposed. For years, they have been taking campaign contributions from the pro-mullah lobby, while denying that their voices have been bought. Still, when the mullahs want somebody to argue that it is better to work with them, Sens. Kennedy, Kerry, Clinton and Biden can be counted on to do their bidding. If John Kerry had been elected president, the mullahs would probably have had nuclear fuel shipped to them already, as he argued in the first presidential debate with George Bush.

The Democrats have learned nothing about their failed approach to appeasing tyrants. The “Jimmy Carter Peace Prize” should have been awarded to President Clinton and Secretary of State Albright for shipping nuclear fuel for peaceful purposes to Kim Jong-Il. Now, Sens. Kennedy, Kerry, Clinton, and Biden are tripping over one another to see who will get the prize for letting the mullahs lie their way to nuclear weapons capability. Along the way, they are doing everything they can think of doing to submarine John Bolton’s nomination.