Greg Laurie

Pastor and author Greg Laurie has drawn several thousand to a week’s worth of crusades in Georgia.

Laurie, author of “Are We Living in the Last Days?” and “The Great Compromise,” spoke to overflow crowds last week in Athens and Augusta.

His Southern California-based Harvest Crusade organization brought contemporary Christian music and the author’s “powerful message of faith” to some 32,000 Georgians.

According to a statement from Laurie’s ministry, 1,700 crusade attendees made decisions to follow Jesus Christ by the end of the week.

Events were held for four straight nights in Augusta, while Athens hosted one event that drew 5,000 mostly young people.

According to WAGT-TV, the crusade in Augusta was the first evangelical event of its kind there in 20 years.

“God doesn’t want anyone or anything in your life to be more important than Him – material possessions won’t make you happy,” Laurie told his audience. “You can be a good, moral person who has everything the world can offer, but the only thing that can bring true happiness is a relationship with Jesus Christ. Take your needs to Him.”

Laurie is senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, Calif., one of the 15 largest churches in the U.S.

Referred by some as the next generation’s Billy Graham, Laurie has a gift for bringing a biblical, relevant message to many Americans who have never set foot in a church.

Laurie eschews the comparison to Graham, however, considering himself one voice among many.

“I take it as the highest compliment, but at the same time, I don’t see it that way,” he told WND. “He’s been such a singular figure in American history. I don’t think anyone will fill his shoes.”

Laurie’s crusades have drawn more than 3 million people to stadiums and arenas in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand since 1990.

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