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D-Hour for Iran rapidly approaches

The “Decision-Hour” for Iran is rapidly approaching.

The Financial Times announced yesterday in a front-page article that the Pentagon has notified Congress of the pending sale to Israel of 100 “bunker-buster” bombs that could be used to attack Iran’s secret underground nuclear facilities, such as their uranium-enrichment farm at Natanz. Congress has only 30 days to object. If the liberal Democrats decide to pass on raising a fuss, Lockheed Martin will proceed to deliver the 5,000-pound GBU-28 bombs to the Israeli Defense Force, marking the first time Lockheed Martin has ever sold a “bunker-buster” to a foreign nation.

No matter how much Prime Minister Sharon objects that Israel has no current plans to attack Iran, the mullahs are sure to worry.

There is more evidence that the mullahs are panicking. Yesterday, Hossein Musavian, the director of the foreign policy committee of the Supreme National Security Council told the Mehr News Agency in Tehran that the Europeans must agree to allow Iran to resume enriching uranium at their next negotiating session scheduled for this Friday, April 29, in London. Otherwise, Iran is ready to declare that no progress is being made in the talks and they are ready to pull out. In other words, the mullahs are threatening to tell the world that it is their way or the highway.

Why such a tough negotiating stance? The mullahs know that their game is down to the final hours. The mullahs view their getting an atomic bomb as their ultimate life-insurance policy. With the bomb in hand, the mullahs see themselves as being instantly in control, able to dictate their terms to the world.

In writing “Atomic Iran,” I discussed key intelligence information that had been passed to the United States in a secret meeting held in Rome in 2003. Iranian operatives disclosed a Five Pillars Policy that Ayatollah Khamenei had determined to direct Iran’s nuclear weapons efforts. The five pillars were these:

  1. Rule Iran with an iron fist.

  2. Buy time.

  3. Do everything possible to destabilize the United States in Iraq.

  4. Develop nuclear weapons in Iran.

  5. With nuclear weapons in hand, Iran will assert its power and will upon the world.

Right now we are seeing the mullahs play this policy out to its conclusion. No one reading “Atomic Iran” should be surprised by the events unfolding in front of us.

Iran is playing the world for a fool, promising to use nuclear fuel for peaceful purposes only, while secretly pursuing a nuclear weapons program. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told President Bush and Vice President Cheney in Crawford, Texas, last week that this June – only a few weeks from now – Iran would reach the “point of no return,” the points where the mullahs have within their hands everything they need to make an atomic bomb. Sharon shared the Israeli intelligence satellite photos that proved his point.

We are headed down the path of confrontation and war. If the mullahs proceed headlong in their rush to get a bomb, President Bush and Prime Minister Sharon will soon be called on their bluff. Let’s all hope the president and prime minister mean it when they say the mullahs will never be permitted to have an atomic bomb.

Yet, I still pray there will be no war. I believe internal dissent within Iran can rise up, as it did in Lebanon, to demonstrate that the regime is widely unpopular and has to go. On June 17, the date of Iran’s next presidential election, civil disobedience is being planned in Iran.

My plea is that it is time to show the mullahs the door peacefully – through principles of non-violent resistance. This is why I have announced the 3-week Iran Freedom Walk that I plan to take from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C., beginning on May 16.

If we can raise sufficient funds, we will broadcast the walk day-by-day over the opposition satellite radio and TV transmissions into Iran. We are already receiving cell-phone calls and e-mails of support from within Iran. With any luck, some 40 million Iranians may be able to follow the Iran Freedom Walk, seeing that there are Americans who do care about their freedom and are willing to make a strong statement to express our solidarity with their suffering.