JERUSALEM – The official Palestinian media, credited by many for reformist policies reportedly implemented following the election of Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas, claimed last week Israeli forces X-rayed a woman to death at a checkpoint.

The WAFA news agency, controlled by Abbas’ Fatah party, asserted, “An aged woman died late on Wednesday at the Rafah crossing after being subjected to the Israeli radioactive detection device installed at the Rafah crossing to screen Palestinian travelers,” reported Dr. Michael Widlanski, professor of political communication and comparative politics at Hebrew University.

“Medics at Rafah said that the 55-year-old Fatema Abu Ubeid, of Rafah, died 15 minutes after she was subjected to the radial spy machine, which Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) set up for searching the Palestinian passengers passing through the point,” said WAFA.

The report was also issued on Palestinian radio and television.

An IDF spokeswoman confirmed there was no such death.

Security sources say the Israeli Defense Forces at certain key checkpoints use non-radiation emitting SafeView Millimeter Wave Radar machines, American-made advanced portals that utilize millimeter wave holographic technology to screen passengers for weapons and explosives.

“You’re exposed to more radiation standing outside for two seconds on a rainy day,” said a source.

Widlanski said, “In addition to pressuring Israel to stop using the advanced non-radiation detection machine [so weapons can get in and be used against Israelis], the Palestinian media charges fit the new, somewhat more sophisticated pattern of propaganda used in the last four months under the regime of Abbas.”

Sharon and other Israeli leaders in February credited Abbas for helping to lower official incitement in the Palestinian media against Israel.

But several weeks later, following a suicide bombing outside a Tel Aviv nightclub that killed five, Voice of Palestine, the official radio station of the Palestinian Authority, claimed in Arabic hours after the attack the area bombed “may have looked like a nightclub, but it was not innocent. Rather, it was a high-level Israeli military target.”

The Palestinian station told its listeners information received from a “very senior Israeli officer” indicated “an elite unit of the occupation army” was meeting in the nightclub and was the target of the “martyr” operation.

Two days later, Al-Hayat al-Jadeeda, an official newspaper directed by Abbas’ Fatah Party, ran a front-page picture of the suicide bomber, identified as Abdullah Badran, 21, a university student from near the West Bank town of Tulkarem, with a caption calling him a “martyr.”

Earlier last month, Palestinian television accused Jews of torturing, mutilating and killing Palestinians. In the program, “A Mirror of the Palestinian Heritage,” women are seen dancing in a music video that claims Israel commits war crimes against Palestinians in the name of the Jewish religion.

In January, Palestinian Authority television blamed the Jews for causing the tsunami in southeast Asia, and preached the destruction of Israel and the U.S.

“The Muslim remembers how the Jews corrupted the land. … They invest in the East Asian countries, which were destroyed [by the tsunami] because of the Jewish and American corruption and destruction,” said Palestinian preacher Sheik Ibrahim Madiras Friday during his weekly sermon broadcast on PA television.

A week before that, Palestinian television featured a senior PA academic, Dr. Hassan Khater, founder of the Al Quds Encyclopedia, saying the killing of Jews is mandated by the prophet Muhammad.

Khater, quoting what he said was Islamic tradition, told viewers, “Muhammad said in his Hadith: ‘The Hour [Day of Resurrection] will not arrive until you fight the Jews, [until a Jew will hide behind a rock or tree] and the rock and the tree will say: Oh Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him!'”


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