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At today’s White House news briefing, WND asked presidential press secretary Scott McClellan about drivers’ licenses for illegal aliens and retirees participating in the war on terrorism.

WND: Scott, as Congress is about to approve legislation prohibiting illegal aliens from getting drivers’ licenses, will the president sign such legislation? That’s my first.

McCLELLAN: Are you talking about the Real ID Act?


McCLELLAN: Yes, we’ve already expressed our support for that legislation. And that is part of the supplemental that the House is moving forward on today. And we appreciate the House moving, and working to pass this important legislation. It’s most important to get the supplemental passed so that we can get much needed resources to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and resources to help train and equip the Iraqi and Afghan security forces, which is critical to us completing our mission in those two countries. But we put out a statement of administration policy recently expressing our support for including those provisions in the supplemental legislation.

WND: The New York Times yesterday devoted more than half a page to a California story headlined: Retirees Answer the Call to Hunt for Terrorists, Patrolling in Planes, Trucks and Boats. And my question: Does the president believe that any of these retirees are doing wrong, or are “vigilantes”?

McCLELLAN: No, I haven’t heard him express that about those individuals. If you’re talking about people who have become part of the citizen corps in helping in the global war on terrorism, we have expressed our support for efforts to — that all of us need to be involved in the efforts to defeat terrorism and disrupt terrorist plots.

WND: Thank you.

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