“The U.S. military welcomes additional funds for special units. The Pentagon continues its downsizing in preparation for the New World Order.”

– Former Deputy Secretary of Defense and former Director of the CIA, John Deutch, Dec. 1, 1994, “McNeil-Lehrer News Hour”

While Mr. Bush and politicians across the board regurgitate empty boasts of how much they support our veterans, their words are hollow because they aren’t backed up by anything. H.R. 602 – the ‘Keep Our Promise to America’s Military Retirees Act’ – is still sitting in Congress when it should have been passed within a week after introduction. Please, don’t tell me those critters out there in Washington, D.C., can’t act that fast. They can and they have in the past when it suits their re-election interests.

Several years ago, Col. George “Bud” Day, who is an attorney, a Medal of Honor recipient and former prisoner of war in Hanoi, filed a lawsuit against the federal government. According to the website fighting this war for our veterans, the purpose of this lawsuit was to:

… challenge the 1995 government policy of kicking military retirees, spouses, and widows who reached 65 years of age out of military treatment facilities. The lawsuit ended in 2003 at the U.S. Supreme Court as they would not hear Col. Day’s case, however, the Federal Appeals Court language clearly indicated the U.S. government (Congress) has a “moral obligation” to do what it said it would do (“if you give us 20 or more years of military service, we’ll provide government funded lifetime medical care for you and your dependents”) for military retirees.

Retired U.S. Marine Corps Master Gunnery Sergeant Thomas D. Segel summed it up like this:

Led by Medal of Honor winner and attorney, Col. George “Bud” Day, they are demanding the earned health care promised them in return for faithfully serving our country for 20 to 30 years of their lives … Politicians, bureaucrats, even the leadership of our Justice Department once heralded these same men and women as the nation’s heroes.

Now, they viciously attack the retirees because the government has been asked to honor past promises … The promises voiced for more than 60 years by military recruiters and government publications started proving false in 1995. That was the year our government denied World War II and Korean War military retirees access to military hospitals.

My husband is a retired U.S. Army colonel with 27 years of honorable service, including a tour of war in Vietnam. John was commissioned an officer immediately upon graduating from college. When he enlisted, he was promised lifetime medical and dental should he survive his career in service. It turned out to be a lie. Shortly after he retired in 1991, all dependent and spouse benefits were gone and so was direct medical for John. We were offered an expensive, alternative health-care plan. We declined and have paid our own health insurance coverage premiums since then. While we have been blessed in that we can afford coverage, so many of our freedom fighters don’t have the same resources.

Unless you serve in the military, most Americans really have no concept or understanding of what it means. The military owns you 24×7 for your time in service and if you die along the way, that’s the risk you have taken when you enlist. Those who enlist in the military take an oath to honor, preserve and protect all of us – with their very lives if necessary. While members of Congress fritter away their days bickering for political hay, our veterans are going without desperately needed medical attention.

While this government whizzes away billions of dollars on the illegal aliens running amok in this country, $300 billion on this unconstitutional and failed “nation building” exercise in Iraq based on a mountain of lies, and close to a trillion dollars in unconstitutional expenditures domestically every year, our veterans – millions of them disabled from war sustained injuries – are going without.

I say it’s high time Bush put his political strength where his mouth is and lead the way in demanding Congress get this legislation passed now so he can sign it into law. As for the money to pay for these promised benefits, start bringing our troops home from places where be don’t belong, i.e., the Balkans. In a Feb. 5, 2001 WND poll, the question “Which most closely matches your thoughts on U.S. troop deployment in the Balkans?” brought this response: 86.25 percent of those who voted said we should pull all U.S. troops from the region. They are still there and money that should be used for veterans’ benefits continues to be wasted in furtherance of a new world order:

We are on the cutting edge of the New World Order here in Bosnia.

– U.S. Army Major Bushyread, May 8, 1996, “CBS Evening News” with Dan Rather

Please don’t forget about our veterans. They need your voice demanding passage of H.R. 602 now. All members of Congress have excellent health care coverage paid for by you and our veterans – the very same people being denied what they were promised and can’t afford on their own. What hypocrisy that these well-plumped members of Congress should deny the very same benefits to those who foot the bill for their health-care coverage.

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