A call of solidarity with democracy advocates and a warning to stay away from nuclear installations were beamed into Iran via satellite and shortwave radio in an interview with “Atomic Iran” author Jerome Corsi.

Corsi told Iranians this week they should not get near any of their country’s known nuclear facilities because the patience of the U.S. and Israel is running out as Tehran defiantly moves ahead with plans to build an atomic bomb.

In the conversation Wednesday on radio KRSI – a Farsi-language service for the Iranian-American community and people of Iran – Corsi spelled out the purpose of the “Iran Liberty Walk,” a 209-mile journey to promote peaceful, democratic change in Tehran.

The two-week event will begin May 16 at the Liberty Bell and culminate with a large demonstration on the Capitol Mall.

The interview can be heard here, beginning at the 1:07 mark.

Broadcasting in Iran is controlled and censored by the cleric-led regime, but KRSI is heard by millions in the country via illegal satellite dishes and shortwave radio. The station was founded in Los Angeles in 1988 by Assadollah Morovati, a political activist regarded as the dean of Persian media outside Iran.

Corsi told Iranian listeners he backs protest of the mullahs’ June 17 election, which he calls a “sham.”

“I’m not calling for a specific demonstration but am supporting whatever the Iranian people decide to do,” he explained. “I don’t want to call for protest and then see people get hurt. I’m very concerned about the safety of the people in Iran under this horrible regime.”

Corsi said he’s becoming a figure within Iran as state media respond to his book, including front-page newspaper articles.

Through its media, the regime is urging a big turnout at the polls June 17 to “show I’m wrong,” he said.

In his KRSI interview this week, Corsi was joined by station owner Morovati, an unusual gesture regarded as a sign of endorsement.

Morovati told Corsi the Tehran regime offered $30 million to buy the station. Corsi noted Morovati has put $2 million of his own money into KRSI and is struggling to meet payroll but refused the offer.

“He’s a great gentleman who has devoted his life to beating the mullahs,” Corsi said.

Corsi is trying to raise money to provide daily radio coverage of the walk into Iran, hopefully via the Voice of America.

He also has filmed a television commericalpromoting the walk, produced by Timothy Watkins, maker of the documentary film “In the Face of Evil,” which recounts the courage of Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II and their resolve to stand up to communism.

Watkins also will film the walk itself.

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