What the heck is going on in the Florida courts? If they’re not releasing habitual child molesters back onto the streets to prey upon our kids, they’re paving the way for 13-year-olds to the abortion clinic.

With these astounding assaults on human life and abuses of our children, I think it is past time for citizens to start defending them. It should begin with the unborn. To do this we all need to clearly make our case against abortion. Here are my top 10 arguments.

  1. There is no hidden clause in the Constitution that gives a woman the right to kill her unborn child. That means abortion laws are a result of judicial activism, not the will of the people. To the contrary, most Americans do not support current abortion law.

  2. A mother’s life will never be demanded to save the life of her baby. Prior to Roe, no state outlawed abortion necessary to save the life of the mother. The critical element is intent. For example, if in saving the life of the mother the child’s life is lost, the intent to kill the child is removed. That means murder by abortion, which is the deliberate and intentional taking of the unborn life, has not occurred.

  3. According to anti-slavery laws in America, a person cannot be treated as property. What’s more, it is a seriously flawed notion that someone can be human but not a person. This notion was used most infamously by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1857 to justify slavery. As to the unborn, science and medicine confirm they are human. They therefore should not be treated as property.

  4. Abortion is painful and has harmful effects on a woman’s physical and mental health. Admittedly pregnancy can also be difficult and delivery painful – OK, very painful. The difference with birth is that the outcome is literally beautiful.

  5. Cloning technology proves there is nothing random or accidental about the growth and development of a new life once it has begun. A clone cannot become anything but a genetic duplicate or carbon copy of the donor. It cannot have different eye color. It cannot have different hair color. In other words, as the cells multiply and divide, even from a single cell, the embryo follows a specific path of development. Development is controlled by the information encoded in the DNA. That means each human life is on a uniquely targeted and specific path from conception.

  6. Human life is on a continuum from conception. From conception every human life is biologically alive, genetically human, genetically and sexually distinct and a complete (although very young) life that is able to direct its own growth and development.

    These characteristics distinguish human life and the embryo from any other clump of cells or tissue produced in or by the body. More importantly, these characteristics make conception the only non-arbitrary point to begin protecting human life.

    For example, some argue protection should begin when the heart begins beating at 4 weeks or when brain waves can be detected at 6. Others argue protection should begin when the face becomes distinguishable at 8 weeks or when the child can sense pain at 4 months. Some think it is the point of viability at 24 weeks. Still others find it acceptable to take a child’s life moments before it is born.

    Of course, each of these points beyond conception is as arbitrary as the next. Choosing them reduces a life and death decision to nothing more than a question of personal preference and comfort.

  7. Human life has inherent value. Much like a $100 bill – whether marred, torn, crumbled or crisp – its value never changes. Size doesn’t matter; neither does location. Whether a child is created naturally or through in vitro fertilization, resides in the womb or in the lab does not affect, determine, diminish or change the value of human life.

  8. Being dependent on others for food, clothing or protection doesn’t diminish the value of human life either. Whether in the womb or out, we all have specific nutritive and environmental requirements at different times in our lives. Left naked and without food in the arctic, most of us would die.

  9. Word games are played to devalue human life. Deliberately deceitful, technical and legal labels have been created to describe the unborn child. From conception through 8 weeks, the unborn child is technically called an embryo. From nine weeks until birth (at 40 weeks) the unborn child is technically called a fetus. These terms are intended to devalue the unborn and appease the consciences of those willing to sacrifice them.

  10. Abortion continues because there is obscene money made selling sex and eliminating the consequences. The abortion industry makes billions offering abortion as a means of birth control.

So as these arguments make clear, science and logic are in conflict with the law regarding the unborn. Science and logic require we recognize human life from conception. By contrast, the law assures its destruction. In response, we need to value and protect human life and reform our courts, our culture and our nation. We need to begin by protecting the most vulnerable in our society – our children. They include the unborn.

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