No matter how the American Civil Liberties Union, Planned Parenthood, the National Organization of Women, the National Abortion Reproductive Rights Action League or any of the other alphabet groups frame their argument, abortion is murder – abortion is evil.

It is murder because it is the taking of an innocent life. It is evil precisely because it is the taking of innocent life. It is an abhorrent practice commissioned upon those who have either bought into a lie or are devoid of understanding. In recent weeks, abortions involving both of the aforementioned have been played out with little or no mainstream media coverage.

Angele, a single mom with two children, had her baby – who was aborted alive – die in her arms while the abortion workers refused to help her. The child named Rowan was fully developed and viable at 22 weeks, 5 days. I urge everyone reading this to view what Planned Parenthood refers to as a “blob of tissue.”

Angele believed she had no options, and that is exactly what these merciless carnivores want women to think. They offer one solution and one only. Women are not told of the threat of various types of cancer resulting from abortion. They are not told of the countless numbers of post-abortion complications, emotional stress and not infrequent instances of death. They are lead to believe the abortion is nothing more than a few moments of mild discomfort, when in reality it is akin to using a vacuum cleaner to drain a gold-fish bowl – fish and all – and then smashing the bowl.

Groups such as NARAL have argued abortion on demand would lead to decreased teen-pregnancy rates. The fact that teen-pregnancy rates have increased since this argument was extended notwithstanding, how can an abortion – which can only take place after a woman is pregnant – be argued as reducing pregnancies?

Wouldn’t it be more accurate to argue abortion reduces births?

NARAL has argued that abortion doesn’t hurt fetuses. Allowing that the fetus is something other than an unborn child – which it isn’t – view once again the photos of the 22-week, 5-day-old fetus that was baby Rowan and imagine him with his arms, legs and head ripped from his body, which had been torn in half; because that is what happens when baby’s his age are sucked into vacuum cleaners.

NARAL and Planned Parenthood may have supported Hillary Clinton’s “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child,” but that village doesn’t include mom, dad or guardian. It includes the ACLU, Planned Parenthood and the liberal courts.

A reasonable person would conclude that a 13-year-old child is unable to make decisions of death about her unborn baby, the operative word here being “reasonable.” Yet the ACLU and Planned Parenthood convinced a Florida judge that should be the case.

So a 13-year-old child that in the state of Florida cannot legally drink, obtain health insurance, get her own credit cards, sign legal documents, get her ears pierced, sign up for Columbia House CDs, get a job, open a bank account, go on school trips, go to PG-13 movies, enjoy certain amusement rides, decide on cosmetic surgery – all without parental or guardian involvement, to mention but a few things – is mature enough to decide to compound illicit behavior with murder.

What does this say about their true opinion of this child? Why were they more concerned about aborting the child’s child than prosecuting the person who impregnated her at 13 years of age? Where is their concern for the long-term emotional damage done to a child who is sexually active with one abortion under her belt at age 13?

What does this portend for the child’s future? Her childhood isn’t about dolls and playing dress up – it’s about men twice or three times her age. It is about a life in the gutter with abortion as birth control. How many more will this child have before she succumbs to a botched abortion or is emotionally scarred for life?

Just how much do the abortionists care about either of these two females? The answer is, of course: They don’t. They care only about murdering the unborn. Has anyone considered how Angele felt this Mother’s Day? Has anyone considered the trauma for the two children she already has? Of course, those are questions we don’t need to ask the 13-year-old because she isn’t mature enough to know about Mother’s Day – she is only old enough to know about her first abortion.

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