Politics as usual has been playing itself out the past month or so over the confirmation of John R. Bolton as the new U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. The Republicans, who clearly have demonstrated they have no concern over our freedoms and sovereignty, have been singing Bolton’s good virtues while the Democrats rant Bolton is a rat.

Then, to confuse this diversionary tactic even more, a handful of Republicans suddenly decided they had questions about Bolton. For these United States of America to continue even appointing a U.S. representative for this communist body is to give legitimacy to America’s participation in the United Nations – a legitimacy that doesn’t exist.

One can go on and on about all the programs and treaties generated from this corrupt organization and the tens of billions of dollars America has been fleeced to support it until the cows come home. The “food for oil” scandal is just one example of how this corrupt organization is sucking America dry. These treaties and programs are destroying what is left of our sovereignty.

There is no constitutional justification to rob the people’s treasury to provide funding for the United Nations or any of its programs. The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land and any statute, law or regulation in conflict with the very specific areas in which Congress can legislate is unconstitutional at the time of its inception.

Our participation in the United Nations is unconstitutional, both for funding and because of the treaty itself. The federal government does not enter into treaties with private organizations like Ducks Unlimited, only with other governments. The U.N. (United Nothing) is not a government. It is a private consortium of representatives from countries around the globe. It was birthed by communists. It is run by communists.

While Congressman Ron Paul remains the lone voice in trying to get the appropriate bill passed in Congress to free Americans from foreign bondage, your member of Congress refuses to uphold their oath of office by immediately getting this bill passed. Instead, we are being forced, via taxation without representation, to pay for our own destruction by remaining in this communist organization.

Another very astute and patriotic American who served in Congress decades ago, issued this warning:

Congressman James Utt, House of Representatives, Congressional Record, Jan. 15, 1962, Page 215:

Mr. Speaker, on the opening day of the 2nd session of the 87th Congress, I introduced H.R. 9567, a bill to rescind and revoke membership of the United States in the United Nations and the specialized agencies thereof and to repeal the Immunities Act relative thereto.

I introduced this resolution because it is my firm conviction that this nation cannot survive as a republic as long as we are shackled to an international organization by a treaty which supersedes our Constitution …

You can expect to see a one-world government, communist controlled, under the United Nations. You will see the United Nations run up astronomical debts which we, under the terms of the treaty, are bound to pay … This conversion of our limited republic to an unlimited democracy is a death blow to this nation …

Now let us look at the record. According to Trygve Lie, longtime secretary general of the United Nations, he stated flatly that there was a secret agreement between Alger Hiss [Hiss was a communist who was convicted of spying against the United States] and Molotov to the effect that the head of the U.N. military staff should always be a communist.

That agreement has never been broken, and we have had a succession of communists filling that post, the present one being Mr. Arkadov. As a first consequence of this treasonous agreement, this country lost its first military engagement in Korea at a cost to this country of more than $20 billion and 145,000 American casualties, to say nothing of the honor and prestige of this nation.

The goal of the communist United Nations is to completely disarm all Americans – make no mistake about that. For years, the United Nations has been pushing for a global tax as a means of redistributing the wealth of countries like America to “developing” countries, which have been called such for 50 years or more. If you think your paycheck is shrinking now, you haven’t seen anything yet.

To remain in the United Nations is to commit national suicide. If Americans don’t stop excusing their member of Congress because they support one favorite pet issue or vote for unconstitutional federal funding which finds its way into their district, creating jobs with illegal money, this republic is all but dead. To waste time arguing over a new representative for the United Nations is to continue applying a Band-Aid to massive internal hemorrhaging. Either we are going to get out of the United Nations or we are going to fall to a one-world government.

Any member of Congress who supports the United Nations supports communism, pure and simple. The question is what are the American people going to do about the fruits of their labor being stolen from them in order to support and fund this communist organization and the destruction of this republic? One place to start is to boot out Congress.

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