Rather than quietly settle into his likely new job at the United Nations, Ambassador-nominee John Bolton will hit the ground running, targeting first the dubious U.S. ally of France, says geopolitical expert Jack Wheeler.

In a column on his intelligence website, To the Point, Wheeler writes, “Don’t expect John Bolton to have been the least bit intimidated by the Dems’ vendetta against him, nor to lie low and not rattle anybody’s cage for a while. That’s not what GW is sending him to do at Turtle Bay. John has quite a list of cages he intends to rattle, and the first one belongs to France.”

Bolton’s nomination was sent to the Senate floor for consideration last week.

France has long been a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council, giving it veto power over any proposed resolution before the panel. While some at the U.N. want the exclusive club expanded, Wheeler says Bolton will seek France’s ouster.

“Bolton is going to lob a Molotov cocktail into this bidding contest,” writes Wheeler. “He is going to argue that France should be replaced by the European Union. The EU is now Europe’s governing body, to which its 25 member countries have given much of their national sovereignty. Twelve of them, including France, have abandoned their national currencies, replacing them with the euro. Ten more have applied to join the Euro Zone.”

Arguing that other European countries deserve Security Council representation, Bolton, Wheeler says, will back President Jacques Chirac “into a deep, deep corner.”

Writes Wheeler: “France’s only exit strategy will be to point at Britain, arguing that the UK too will have to give up its seat in place of the EU. John will finesse this by pointing out that while Britain does belong to the EU, it retains its own currency, the pound, and gives every indication it will not relinquish it for the euro.”

Referring to France’s support of the EU’s sovereignty-sapping constitution, Wheeler notes, “No wonder the French-loving Democrats desperately tried to demonize Bolton. Destroying American sovereignty is their fondest dream. It’s going to be a lot harder to do now. The Bolton Show at Turtle Bay promises to be quite a performance.”

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